3 Reasons Why Commercial Vent Hood Cleaning is Critical to Restaurants

The vent hood system in a restaurant is as important to the cooking operation as an engine is to a car: without it, your restaurant can’t do anything. Current fire codes like NFPA 96 demand that a commercial vent hood system is regularly cleaned and maintained, and with good reason. A dirty vent hood system is just a fire hazard waiting to happen. That being said, restaurants shouldn’t see this as a burden. In fact, it’s a blessing in disguise.

Regular Vent Hood Cleaning Extends the Life of Your Equipment

Sticking with the metaphor of a vent hood system being like the engine in a car, you wouldn’t only change your oil when your engine seizes up, right? No. You change your oil regularly to keep your engine running as it should. Maintaining a vent hood system is no different. Regularly cleaning, inspecting, and replacing worn out parts extends the life of the parts that are critical to your vent hood.

Commercial Vent Hood Cleaning Maintenance Prevents Costly Disasters

Waiting until something breaks to maintain your vent hood is not only going to cost you more money – it’s going to cost you time. Because a vent hood is a system of different pieces, all with their own series of important parts when one thing breaks – other pieces attached to it are likely to break as well. For instance, if a fan belt breaks, there is a good chance that damage can be done to the fan itself. Now you’re at the mercy of parts availability and the time it is going to take to fix the issue. That’s just if there is a problem with the equipment – not to mention the disaster that a fire would be for your restaurant location. An improperly maintained system is a ticking time bomb, the result of which can be damage to your building, lost time for renovations, and personal injury or death to employees or customers, insurance claims, lawsuits, and a myriad of other issues. The cost of regular maintenance pales in comparison to the cost of even a small fire.

Regular Commercial Vent Hood Cleaning Saves you Thousands 

During the process of a thorough, professional vent hood cleaning all critical parts are inspected for wear and tear. Because of this, you’ll get the parts that are most critical to your operation replaced BEFORE they fail. It’s a simple concept that can save you thousands in lost time and expensive parts. Regular maintenance also extends the life of your equipment by preventing damage to other aspects of your vent hood system from the failure of connected components.
Quest’s comprehensive vent hood cleaning program is designed to not only keep you compliant with current regulations like NFPA 96 but are also designed to keep your restaurant running as efficiently as possible. Safety and equipment performance go hand-in-hand when it comes to a vent hood system, so contact us today to ensure that your vent hood system is cleaned and maintained properly.

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