Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Delivering on E, S and G

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) used to only matter to investors specializing in socially responsible investing. Not anymore!

Whether publicly traded or privately owned, there are escalating market demands and direct business value driving today’s ESG requirements for all of your stakeholders.

Studies from Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Morningstar and Barron’s are proving that companies not only emphasizing strong financial practices but also exhibiting robust ethical and sustainable behaviors are consistently delivering higher returns and lower risks. Corporations are increasingly expected to disclose extensive environmental, social and governance practices but are also being held accountable to improve their stance and financial performance rapidly.
In today’s age of transparency and acute environmental awareness, forward-thinking corporations are utilizing ESG to prove the efficacy and authenticity of their efforts. Quest can directly support your efforts across the three elements of E-S-G and drive value for your complete continuum of stakeholders.

Quest Impacts

  • Environmental - reduced impact on the environment and a bolstered sustainability story in the marketplace
  • Social - a stronger, safer community and the opportunity to drive diversity across your supply chain
  • Governance - risk mitigation and auditable data for use in your business, sustainability and ESG reporting


Value to Stakeholders

  • Owners/Investors - improving financial performance and driving brand equity
  • Customers - enhancing your offering and enriching their business and personal lives
  • Employees - providing a safer, healthier and more efficient workplace

Despite the substantial performance of ESG-driven companies, there are issues with ESG data. Nearly 70% of institutional asset owners surveyed by Morgan Stanley said that a lack of quality ESG data is one of their biggest challenges when investing according to ESG principles. A BAML 2019 study showed that nearly 60% reported they could not access adequate tools to assess how investments align with their sustainability goals.

How confident are you about the quality of your corporate disclosure on environmental issues?

Are you concerned that you may have key disclosure omissions or discounted your environmental accomplishments?

The lack of defined metrics to track (or methodologies to follow) make it easy to fall into the traps of self-disclosing, inaccurate data that will haunt you for many years. We can help avoid that from happening!

You deserve to feel good about your environmental accomplishment

You deserve full visibility into the enterprise wide data aggregation

You deserve to be head and shoulders above the completion -  becoming the coveted stock of the year

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