Vent Hood Cleaning Services

Hood Cleaning Services. Be Safe WITHOUT the Hassle.

Worry-Free hood cleaning service that keeps your restaurant clean, compliant, and safe.

Cleaning the vent hood system in your restaurant is not only a necessity for sanitation, it is a critical requirement for maintaining safety standards. Quest’s hood cleaning service is convenient, keeps you in compliance and extends the life of your cooking equipment.



  • Quest’s hood cleaning service is designed to comply with National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) Standard 96, state, and local fire codes.
  • Thorough cleaning includes hood, filters, plenums, interior of horizontal and vertical duct system, access panels, exhausts fan, grease trays, inspect exhaust motor and roof top unit. Floor and counters are cleaned.
  • Service includes before and after pictures, assessment of your unit performance, Certificate of Performance sticker with date of service and lead technician
  • Cleaning frequency adheres to NFPA Standard 96




  • Available coast to coast.
  • Service schedule is established based on your operational needs and applicable regulations and are completed at a convenient time.
  • All subcontractors are extensively vetted and regularly audited to ensure the highest levels of service
  • Preventive maintenance ensures maximum safety and extends the overall lifecycle of your existing cooking equipment.
  • Your Quest account management team handles everything from the scheduling, service reminder, technician support, report generation, maintenance of all cleaning logs and invoicing.

What Gets Done

Here’s a list of all of the components of your vent hood system that get cleaned:


Hood Filters

Hood Plenums

Vertical Duct System

Horizontal Duct System

Access Panels

Exhaust Fans

Grease Trays

Rooftop Grease Cups

Stainless Steel Areas Polished

Exhaust Fan Inspected

Exhaust Fan Belt Inspection