Hood Cleaning Services

Be Safe Without the Hassle

Cleaning the vent hood system in your restaurant is not only a necessity for sanitation, but it is also a critical requirement for maintaining safety standards.

Quest’s hood cleaning service is convenient, keeps you in compliance, and extends the life of your cooking equipment


  • Quest’s vent hood cleaning service is designed to comply with NFPA Standard 96
  • Cleaning includes: hoods, filters, plenums, the horizontal and vertical duct system, access panels, exhausts fan, grease trays, exhaust motor, and rooftop unit. 
  • Service includes before and after pictures, and Certificate of Performance sticker with date of service.
  • Cleaning frequency adheres to NFPA Standard 96


  • Available coast-to-coast.
  • Vent hood cleaning service schedule is  based on your operational needs and applicable regulations.
  • All subcontractors are extensively vetted and regularly audited.
  • Preventive maintenance ensures maximum safety and extends the lifecycle of your cooking equipment.
  • Quest account management team handles everything from scheduling to report generation and invoicing.





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