Quest in the Media: Thought Leader Recognition

At Quest, we strive to break beyond the status quo and be an innovative leader in concepts, ideas, and solutions — and industries are taking notice!



Podcast | New Solutions Can Help Reduce Food Waste


Quest CEO & President Ray Hatch joins the “Tip of the Iceberg” podcast to discuss how technology and economics will be significant drivers in the future of food waste. His key point is, “the more value we can create from organic waste, the more economics work to validate it.”




Unlocking Fleet Sustainability in 2024: Expert Strategies for Success


While cost control is often prioritized over sustainability, there are steps fleet managers can take to achieve both. This article highlights the benefits of data-driven assessments and reporting, stating that "by doing so, businesses can improve service quality, safety, and reliability.”




Sustainability Data Powers Efficiency & Savings 2024


How can the industry navigate this year's challenges with operationally and economically efficient solutions? Seize the narrative with these possible solutions while keeping sustainability top of mind.





Making the Connections to Facilitate Responsible Waste Management


Quest was featured in Forbes' article about the challenges of today's waste and recycling management systems and the processes companies should have in place.





Podcast | The Quest for a Zero-Waste Supply Chain


How do we get to a true “zero-waste” supply chain? Quest CEO & President Ray Hatch joins the SupplyChainBrain Podcast to discuss sustainability hurdles that businesses will likely confront in 2024. 





Lost-Lasting Sustainability Strategies for Retailers


Quest CEO & President Ray Hatch shares how retailers can make an impact with sustainability strategies beyond this season and into 2024. Learn three steps that can help reduce your footprint year-round!



How Retailers Can Survive & Thrive in an Economic Downturn with Data & Sustainability

Quest discusses how retail executives shouldn't wait for a recession to shake up their organization and identify weaknesses. Getting ahead of the curve can help tremendously!



Making the Connections to Facilitate Responsible Waste Management


Quest was featured in Forbes' article about the challenges of today's waste and recycling management systems and the processes companies should have in place.



Three Key Benefits of Monitoring & Reporting Fleet Sustainability

Quest talks about how sustainability monitoring and reporting are becoming an increasing concern — and if you're a fleet operator, you should be paying attention.


How Recycling Batteries Can Become More Sustainable, Profitable


Quest checks the current pulse on the challenges associated with recycling electric vehicle batteries and what needs to happen for them to be more sustainable.


Four Simple, Scalable Paths for Sustainable Fleet Management

Quest created an article that fleet operators can reference long term. Take small but impactful measures to make sustainable-minded improvements and stand out among competitors.



Simple & Scalable Ways to Recycle Used Auto Parts


Review Quest's roadmap of materials as a scalable starting point to see how the auto industry can adopt circular economy strategies to improve sustainability.



Embrace SEC Regulations to Gain a Competitive Edge

Quest captures accurate and actionable data to feed your sustainability reports. Read about how ESG could be the competitive edge you need in our article.



The Importance of Tire Recycling (and How to Do It)

With tire recycling, you can conserve landfill space, prevent diseases caused by pests and create new products to help our world. Read more about it in our article.


3 Easy Steps Fleet Operators Can Take to Be More Sustainable


Over at Fleet Equipment, we offer some quick, actionable thoughts packed into a handful of great tips.




Quest Acquires 2 Asset-Light Waste Service Companies


Waste Today Magazine shares the news of our acquisitions and how they'll add incremental volume to our existing market verticals.


Building Sustainability Momentum: Materials to Recycle & Reuse at a Construction Site


Read about why you should be implementing sustainability practices today through our Construction Executive article.


C&D Recycling: How Contractors Can Profit from Sustainable Work


Here's how to plan C&D work to reduce waste tipple and prevent spiraling landfill volumes from driving up waste disposal costs.


Grocery Dive


Dillons Partners with Recycling Firm on Organic Waste Conversion Process

The retailer worked with Quest, a waste-handling specialist, to develop the technique, which is designed to turn any kind of food waste into compost, biofuel or animal feed.




Keeping Sustainability at the Forefront During the COVID-19 Quarantine

With all of the changes happening amid the  COVID-19 quarantine,  the food manufacturing industry is facing unprecedented challenges.



Plastic bags were finally being banned. Then came the pandemic.

With plastic waste numbers skyrocketing, Quest's CEO, Ray Hatch, was recently interviewed about recycling trends in America.



Top Waste Strategies for Restaurants and Food Distributors In A Pandemic

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine, restaurants are facing new challenges with waste. Quest discusses how to move forward sustainably.




Online Grocery Shopping Can Curb Food Waste

Quest was recently featured by Today's Grocer with an article about how online grocery shopping is actually curbing food waste by offering innovative shopping options


Carbon Neutrality Is Shaping the Fleets of the Future

Carbon neutrality is a hot topic in 2020, and quest is being recognized as a thought leader when it comes to helping fleets achive that goal.



Want To Minimize Your Food Waste? There's A Company For That

Quest was recently featured in an awesome article by Forbes Magazine as a leader and innovator when it comes to recycling and reducing food waste.



Last Miles to Zero Waste: Packaged Food Waste Recycling

Food Engineering recently featured an article from CEO, Ray Hatch discussing the challenges and opportunities concerning recycling packaged food waste.


Innovative Spaces: A Walk Through Quest’s Repurposed Corporate Headquarters

Quest was recently featured by Dallas Innovates with an article about how Quest really lives the brand and promotes a zero-waste attitude in our own office.




Four Steps to Tackle Supply Chain Sustainability

Sustainability in the supply chain is a critical part of achieving zero-waste for any industry. Quest was recently featured by with insight on how the supply chain can reach sustainability goals.



Maximize Recycling Efforts for Sustainable Building recently features an article from Quest CEO Ray Hatch detailing how construction companies can increase their recycling efforts on any building project.



Pursuing Eco-Efficient Logistics Standards in 2019

On page 42 of the January issue of Inbound Logistics, Quest was featured with an article about the potential for closed-loop solutions for fleet operations.



Why Your Restaurant Needs a Food Waste Audit Now

Modern Restaurant Management featured an article from Quest on how a food waste audit can put money back in your pocket from day one.



Sustainability Trends 2019: Better, Smarter, More Effective Packaging

Food Logistics published an article from Quest about how smart packaging is building more sustainability-focused practices in the food logistics business.



How to Grow Sustainability in the Supply Chain

SupplyChainBrain recently featured an article from Quest that focused on opportunities for sustainable practices for the entire supply chain.


Six Ways to Minimize Waste on Your Construction Site

Quest put together a quick guide for project managers that was published by For Construction Pros to help reduce waste on a construction site.


Recycling Tires: One Step on The Path to Sustainability

Fleet News Daily recently features an article about the importance of recycling used tires, and creative closed-loop solutions that Quest can provide.


Modern Restaurant Management


Skip The Straw – How Restaurants Can Make An Impact

Modern Restaurant Management featured an article from Quest explaining how restaurant operators can address ocean plastic pollution.


How to Make Food-Waste Recycling the Focus of your Marketing Strategy

Fast recently featured an article about how a restaurant can use food waste recycling in their marketing strategy. 


Industry Processes for a Sustainability-Focused Future

Quest CEO, Ray Hatch was interviewed by Hilary Smith from about the future of sustainability in the food supply chain.



Top Three Trends Driving Sustainable Practices in 2019

Modern Restaurant Management published an article from Quest highlighting the top three sustainability trends that are driving the restaurant industry in 2019.



Tires Keep it Rolling

Quest's CEO, Ray hatch was recently featured in an interview with the Commercial Carrier Journal concerning tire recycling for fleet operators.


Oil Recycling is Gaining Traction for Fleet Operations

Quest was featured by Fleet News Daily with an article about how used motor oil recycling is becoming a common practice among large fleet operations.


Three Steps to Being a LEED-friendly General Contractor in 2019

Quest was published on For Construction Pros with three key things that a LEED®-conscious contractor should do to deliver a successful certification.

FRS logo

Taking Care of Employee is Goal No.1 for Restaurants

Restaurant News| FRS Magazine featured a Quest article highlighting the importance of focusing on sustainability and eco-consciousness to attract customers and talents.



New Food Waste Regulations Mean New Opportunities

Retail and Restaurant Facility Business recently published an article by Quest on how to turn changing food waste-related regulations into new opportunities.



Oil Recyclers Closely Watching a New Maritime Regulation—So Should Quick Lubes

Quest's CEO, Ray Hatch, was recently quoted in an article by National Oil and Lube News about new regulations that could affect used oil recycling prices.


Stop Delivery From Becoming So Trashy

Fast recently featured a Quest' article about how a restaurant can combine sustainability and delivery option to reach more customers


Liquid Gold


Quest's CEO, Ray hatch was recently featured in an interview with the Commercial Carrier Journal concerning used motor oil recycling for fleet operators.

What Sustainability Looks Like in 2019

QSR Magazine recently featured an article from Quest on how restaurant chains can focus on sustainability in 2019  to increase margins, reduce waste, and appeal to picky consumers.



Sustainable Packaging Gets Priority

Quest’s CEO, Ray hatch was recently featured in an article by Restaurant Business magazine discussing how restaurants are starting to put an emphasis on sustainable packaging.