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Quest doesn’t just follow the status quo – We strive to be an innovator. A leader. In new concepts, ideas, and solutions.

The industry is taking notice.

Want To Minimize Your Food Waste? There’s A Company For That

Quest was recently featured in an awesome article by Forbes Magazine as a leader and innovator when it comes to recycling and reducing food waste.


Industry Processes for a Sustainability-Focused Future

Quest CEO, Ray Hatch was interviewed by Hilary Smith from about the future of sustainability in the food supply chain.


Pursuing Eco-Efficient Logistics Standards in 2019

On page 42 of the January issue of Inbound Logistics, Quest was featured with an article about the potential for closed-loop solutions for fleet operations.


Sustainability Trends 2019: Better, Smarter, More Effective Packaging

Food Logistics published an article from Quest about how smart packaging is building more sustainability-focused practices in the food logistics business.


Top Three Trends Driving Sustainable Practices in 2019

Modern Restaurant Management published an article from Quest highlighting the top three sustainability trends that are driving the restaurant industry in 2019.


Three Steps to Being a LEED-friendly General Contractor in 2019

Quest was published on For Construction Pros with three key things that a LEED®-conscious contractor should do to deliver a successful certification.


How to Grow Sustainability in the Supply Chain

SupplyChainBrain recently featured an article from Quest that focused on opportunities for sustainable practices for the entire supply chain.


Six Ways to Minimize Waste on Your Construction Site

Quest put together a quick guide for project managers that was published by For Construction Pros to help reduce waste on a construction site.


Oil Recycling is Gaining Traction for Fleet Operations

Quest was featured by Fleet News Daily with an article about how used motor oil recycling is becoming a common practice among large fleet operations.


What Sustainability Looks Like in 2019

QSR Magazine recently featured an article from Quest on how restaurant chains can focus on sustainability in 2019  to increase margins, reduce waste, and appeal to picky consumers.

New Food Waste Regulations Mean New Opportunities

Retail and Restaurant Facility Business recently published an article by Quest on how to turn changing food waste-related regulations into new opportunities.


Last Miles to Zero Waste: Packaged Food Waste Recycling

Food Engineering recently featured an article from CEO, Ray Hatch discussing the challenges and opportunities concerning recycling packaged food waste.


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