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Used Antifreeze Recycling Solution

Used antifreeze might contain heavy metals such as lead, chromium, and cadmium, which level of toxicity requires used antifreeze to be disposed of as regulated waste. However, according to the EPA, only between 25 and 50% of used antifreeze is properly disposed of in the U.S., contaminating soil and waterways. Quest offers a nationwide used antifreeze collection and recycling program to help auto repair and fleet maintenance operators safely recycle this toxic waste stream.


A Nationwide Solution & Unparalleled Support

Quest offers coast to coast used coolant collection service for all your vehicle maintenance and repair centers and fleet maintenance terminals. We offer the convenience of scheduled services, with frequency based on each location’s individual volume, as well as on-call services. In addition, Quest offers a full suite of bulk storage containers.

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Peace of Mind

Quest safely collects and recycles millions of gallons of used coolant from our auto repair centers and fleet maintenance customers every year, keeping them in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Rest assured that each service is safely handled transported and processed by one of Quest’s 3,500 service providers.  The used antifreeze is processed via filtration, distillation, ion exchange or reverse osmosis to restore the coolant’s properties. The recycled ethanol glycol or propylene glycol is then mixed with specific additives and packaged into concentrate or ready to use antifreeze.

sustainability Tracking and reporting

Sustainability Tracking & Reporting

Used ethanol glycol or used propylene glycol should be properly collected and disposed to prevent contamination of the soil and waterways. Quest ensures the used antifreeze generated by your collision centers, auto repair or fleet repair or maintenance services are safely collected and disposed of. Quest tracks every service completed throughout your operation, every day, and creates easy to use online reports and custom dashboards, which are available on Qlink, to provide you with complete visibility with the environmental impact of your waste and recycling programs.

Quest provides thousands of auto dealership locations and automotive repair centers the tools they need to effectively, efficiently, and cost-effectively recycle used antifreeze, from coast-to-coast. 

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