Cardboard Recycling Programs

In the US, about 850 million tons of cardboard and paper are thrown away every year.
That is the equivalent of 1 billion trees.

When you consider that cardboard fiber can be recycled and re-processed many times, and that making cardboard from recycled content instead of virgin material requires 75% less energy and produces 50% less sulfur oxide – Recycling is a much better option than landfilling.


Cardboard Recycling Across the US

Quest manages cardboard recycling solutions for corporations across the U.S.  With coverage in every zip code, Quest’s nationwide program makes it easy for your operation to do the right thing.


Unparalleled Recycling Experience

Quest helps some of the largest retailers, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, property management companies and restaurant chains across the U.S. cost-effectively recycle millions of tons of cardboard every year.

We offer a full suite of compacting equipment and continuously right size your services to maximize the load per haul and work directly with the mills to get you best price possible for your cardboard.

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Maximize Cardboard Recycling

Just because cardboard is recyclable, doesn’t mean that it will be. The material needs to be free of contaminant (no trash, no food, no plastics…) to be properly processed.

Quest provides best-in-class standard operating procedures, contamination prevention, and tracking to help ensure your used cardboard is recycled properly.


Recycling Tracking Delivers Powerful Insights

We track every service, completed at every facility, every day.  From collection to final processing – you can rest assured that your cardboard is recycled and turned into more cardboard boxes, containerboard or other paper-based products. Powerful analytical tools highlight ways to continuously streamline your operation and further reduce costs.

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