Coast-to-Coast Used Motor Oil Recycling

Recycling Used Motor Oil Made Easy

Recycling used motor oil safely and cost-effectively is essential to dealership groups, logistics companies, quick lube, and auto repair centers operations. Quest’s turnkey used engine oil recycling solution not only complies with Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) part 279 but helps you save time and money.


Dependable Service

You work hard to earn your customers’ repeat business and so do we. While some companies will service your tanks when they can, at Quest, we operate completely differently. We work for you. Your dedicated account management team, who is available 24/7/365 designs a service schedule exclusively designed to the needs of each facility so you can rest assured that your tanks are emptied on time, every time. It is that simple.

100% compliance

100% Compliance

Rest assured that the used motor oil is stored, labeled, transported and processed in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Quest’s team of environmental experts thoroughly vets and continuously monitors our network of processors and transporters, provides guidance, informs you of potential changes to the regulations that could impact your operation and can help with your reporting needs.


Used Motor Oil Recycling Experience

Quest is trusted by large dealership groups, fleet operators, logistics companies, and auto repair center chains to manage their used motor oil recycling program nationwide. We leverage multiple recycling technologies such as re-refining that recovers the base stock, which is then blended with additives to create passenger car oil, for example, or recycling the used oil as a source of energy.  Quest offers a  closed-loop program where used motor oil generated by your fleet of vehicles is processed into high performance heavy-duty synthetic blend motor oil that exceeds the requirements of API, SAE, ILSAC and OEM specifications to power the fleet. With coverage in every zip code in the US, millions of services completed every year, Quest is uniquely positioned to provide you with safe, reliable and cost-effective service.

Save time & money

Used Motor Oil Recycling at A Great Price

Quest is the only company that delivers a national footprint, leverages a multitude of recycling technologies and a substantial buying power to provide clear, fair market pricing at all times. Gone are the days of never knowing how much your waste engine oil recycling invoice will be. At Quest, we believe in a different kind of reliability: great service at a great price. Period.

sustainability Tracking and reporting

Environmental Tracking & Reporting

We track every service, completed at every facility, every day and develop custom online reports showing you what you generated, how it was recycled along with electronic copies of all manifests. From environmental reporting to Corporate Social Responsibility or Environmental Governance Reporting, Quest unique tracking platform provides viability to the desired metrics across your entire operation, every day.

You work hard to provide reliable, affordable service and should expect the same thing from your waste motor oil recycler. Quest is trusted by national auto repair centers, quick lube chains, collision centers, fleet operators and dealership groups to manage their used motor oil recycling program year after year.

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