Used Motor Oil Recycling with Quest

It’s the Law

Used motor oil must be handled responsibly to avoid any form of contamination.

Used Motor Oil Pollutes

Used motor oil is insoluble, persistent, and can contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals. It’s slow to degrade and sticks to everything from beach sand to bird feathers.

Used Oil Contaminates

Used oil is a major source of oil contamination of waterways and can result in the pollution of drinking water sources. 1 gallon of used motor oil can contaminate up to 1,000,000 gallons of fresh water, which represents a year’s supply of fresh water for 50 people

Used Oil Can be a Revenue Stream

The value of used motor oil varies over time, but it can become a revenue stream, ensuring that you get paid to recycle!

How is Motor Oil Recycled?

100% of motor oil collected by Quest is recycled either as a source of energy, combusted as fuel – usually in plant boilers, space heaters, or industrial heating applications such as blast furnaces and cement kilns,


Used Motor oil can also be re-refined to recover base oil. This process restores used oil to new oil by removing chemical impurities, heavy metals, deposits, and dirt.  The new oil is then formulated with premium additives to deliver new packaged passenger motor oil.

Benefits of Quest Used Motor Oil Recycling Program

Here’s a list of the simple reasons to use Quest for all of your used motor oil recycling programs

Available in all Zipcodes

100% Recycling

Sustainable Management of Valuable Resource

Reliable Service, Never Having Full Collection Tanks

Competitive Pricing

24/7/365 Support

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