Recycling Used Oil Filters Safely & Cost Effectively

Recycling Used Oil Filters Made Easy

Requirements for storing, labeling and recycling used oil filters are different based on where you operate, the volume you generate and if you are generating steel filters, cartridge filters or a mix of both. Quest offers the convenience of a used oil filters recycling program that is tailored to your operation, along with environmental protection and unparalleled support.


Convenient & Compliant Used Oil Filter Recycling Program

A coast to coast used oil filters disposal program that is adjusted to fit the need of each facility. We offer collection containers ranging anywhere between 16 gallons drums to 330 gallons bins, used oil filter crusher options, along with the ability to commingle filters, used plastic bottles or plastic bags, and used absorbents where it makes sense all the way to segregating the steel filters from the cartridge ones. Every program is designed to keep you in compliance with local, state and federal regulations at all times.

Your account management team, which is available 24/7/365 manages every service, every day at every facility. Scheduling the services, ensuring your complete satisfaction, monitoring any contamination, training your associates, as needed, tracking the environmental impact and verifying every invoice.


A Nationwide Solution

Quest recycles oil filters in every zip code in the U.S., in Canada and in Puerto Rico. Whether you operate across a few states or throughout North America, Quest deploys a custom recycling solution across your entire operation in a few weeks and continuously manages the program to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Maximum recycling, Achieve Zero Waste

Maximum Recycling

With thousands of carefully vetted transporters and processors in Quest's network, we ensure that 100% of your used oil filters are properly recycled. The steel is recovered into new steel used to make manhole covers or construction equipment for example while the fiber media and the oil residue are recovered as a source of energy, resulting in 100% landfill diversion.

sustainability Tracking and reporting

Environmental Tracking & Reporting

Quest monitors every service, completed every day, at every location. Whether you need to complete ESG or CSR reports, or simply seek visibility throughout your operation, Qlink, Quest comprehensive Business Intelligence platform delivers accurate information and actionable data at your fingertips.

We provide easy to use, turnkey used oil filter recycling program that delivers a strong environmental and financial return. Some of the largest chains of auto repair centers, dealerships, fleet or collision centers trust Quest to recycle their used oil filters

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