Vent Hood Cleaning: The Quest Difference

Of all of the challenges a restaurant faces, vent hood cleaning shouldn’t be a burden. Let’s face it: you deal with enough as it is. Purchasing, management, staffing, training, and everything else that goes into a successful restaurant operation is what you should be focused on. That being said, your vent hood system is still critical to your operation, which is why you should let us here at Quest handle it for you.

At Quest, handling critical aspects of different businesses is what we specialize in, and vent hood cleaning and maintenance is no different. We know how important cleaning and maintain a vent hood system is, how much scrutiny is involved in their inspections, and the importance of using the right vendor to do the job completely and correctly.

Why Vent Hood Cleaning Matters

First and foremost, let’s talk about the why cleaning your vent hood system is so critical. There are several different agencies that require a properly maintained kitchen exhaust system just to keep your restaurant open for business.

  • Fire Marshals and Fire Inspectors regularly inspect the system to ensure that the kitchen exhaust system is properly maintained because dirty vent hood systems are an incredible fire hazard.
  • Health Department requirements include a properly maintained kitchen exhaust system to prevent food and health hazards to the public.
  • Building owners require tenants to perform regularly scheduled cleaning to protect their property, especially their roof area which can often be shared by multiple tenants.
  • The insurance company who ensures the building will require professional vent hood/kitchen exhaust cleaning on the property to continue their insurance coverage on the building.

Added Benefits of a Vent Hood Cleaning Program

Now, just because these different agencies demand that your vent hood system is cleaned and maintained regularly doesn’t mean that there isn’t a benefit to regular service. In fact, regular cleaning and maintenance actually lengthens the life of your equipment and saves you money in the long run. One of the main benefits of a properly maintained ventilation system is customer experience. When grease builds up in your ventilation system the air isn’t as clean throughout the entire building, sometimes resulting in a smoky, unpleasant odor. Have you ever walked into a restaurant and it smells like you just walked directly into the kitchen? The culprit is more often than not a dirty ventilation system, and not only do you have odors to worry about – with bad ventilation comes bad air circulation. Without good air circulation, your air conditioning units have to work harder to keep a building comfortable, resulting in higher energy costs.

Why Use Quest

So, with all of the vendors available out there, why should you choose Quest to manage the cleaning and maintenance of your vent hood system? Quite simply: we will save you money and provide a level of customer service you are not going to find with another vendor. We have a collection of vetted and certified vendors from coast-to-coast, which allows us to leverage our buying power and get you pricing you won’t find anywhere else. On top of that, we will completely manage your vent hood cleaning program based on NFPA 96 requirements for your restaurant type across all of your locations. Our customer service team and client managers will handle every aspect of your vent hood cleaning program and you’ll receive one simple invoice. That includes:

  • Scheduling your vent hood cleaning.
  • Reminding your staff of upcoming cleaning appointments
  • Making sure the cleaning is done to NFPA 96 standards
  • Providing detailed reports of the cleaning, along with a list of any parts that were replaced.
  • Scheduling your next cleaning based on the NFPA 96 requirements.
  • One simple invoice for all of your locations.

In short, Quest can offer a higher level of support at a lower price than you’ll find from another vendor. Managing these types of services across multiple industries across thousands of locations is what we do.
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