Pandemic Recovery: Customers’ Needs Are Evolving. Are Your Restaurant Operations (Environmentally) Prepared?

Pandemic Recovery: Customers' Needs Are Evolving

– June 9, 2021 –  It’s been over a year since the pandemic upended the U.S. restaurant industry and shifted the business landscape entirely. Trends that weren’t supposed to take hold for years suddenly hit the fast-forward button, rendering many old-school business methods obsolete. With all the changes that restaurants have undergone due to adaptations…

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Managing Your Vendor Network: The Key to Economically Sustainable Operations in the COVID Era

During the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent quarantine, most restaurants are just working to keep their doors open. One thing that is not typically top-of-mind during the quarantine is sustainability, even though sustainability could mean the difference between success and failure. Keep in mind, sustainability has three elements: social, environmental, and economic. The economic aspect of…

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What QSR Restaurant Sustainability Looks Like in 2019

Discover the QSR Restaurant sustainability practices That work

The word “sustainability” is being tossed around a lot these days no matter what industry you happen to do business in. But what does it really mean to have a sustainable restaurant operation? Is it recycling? Is it food waste reduction? Is it green building? The answer is: All of the above. QSR Restaurants Sustainability…

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Top 3 Restaurant Challenges for 2019: Solved

top 3 Restaurant challenges

The restaurant industry is becoming increasingly complex as overall awareness is beginning to take a more direct role in how consumers spend their money. The advent of social media and constant technological connections are changing the way anyone does business these days, and the foodservice industry is no exception. The most important challenges that restaurants…

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NFPA 96: Standard Fire Code for Vent Hood Cleaning

NFPA Fire Code 96

In the restaurant business, few regulatory codes are as important as the National Fire Prevention Association’s code 96. NFPA 96 is the standard code fire marshals follow to inspect commercial cooking operations, and one of the key components of the code is how the ventilation system is cleaned and maintained. At Quest, we understand that…

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Follow the Cause: How Consumers Feel about Food Waste

restaurant sustainability practices

Research has shown that the restaurants with the best sustainability practices are drawing in more first-time customers, and they are retaining those customers better than their competitors who aren’t as eco-conscious. It’s also been proven that restaurants with the most environmentally sound practices make more money. But Why? What is it that sets these restaurants…

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Restaurant Managers’ Lament: Not Enough Hours in the Day

restaurant managers

If you asked 100 restaurant managers what their most common complaints would be, the list would probably be topped by the need for more hours in a day. With everything that has to happen for a restaurant to run successfully and smoothly, that clock on the wall is public enemy number one. Restaurant Managers’ Ultimate…

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