Follow the Cause: How Consumers Feel about Food Waste

Research has shown that the restaurants with the best sustainability practices are drawing in more first-time customers, and they are retaining those customers better than their competitors who aren’t as eco-conscious. It’s also been proven that restaurants with the most environmentally sound practices make more money. But Why?

What is it that sets these restaurants apart?

Believe it or not, this is not a “da Vinci Code”-like a search for some ancient relic that holds the secrets to what makes a restaurant successful. The answer is as simple as knowing what your customers want, and what they expect. Consumer awareness is at an all-time high, and people are not shy about doing a little research before they spend money. Having an understanding of what people want gets them in the door, and putting those sustainability practices to good use is what keeps them coming back. But what is it consumers want?

There’s More to the Mystery

So, aside from just getting more customers in the door, restaurants that have sustainable business practices in place make more money, and not just because of the increased traffic. Again, this isn’t a clue to some great mystery, it is simple logic: if you waste less, you spend less. If you spend less, you have more money. The question is: how does a restaurant go about wasting less food?

Follow the Cause

To understand how sustainable practices can make your restaurant more profitable by saving you money you’re currently spending or bringing in new customers, check out our latest white paper that explains why sustainability initiatives for restaurants just make good business sense. Click on the link below and get started on your own journey to learning how to make your leaner, greener, and more popular with new and returning customers.


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