When Texas Weather Hits – Quest Responds

– March 1, 2021 – 

Buildings and underground began to break after 3 sustained days below freezing. The damage and hardships affected every part of the state, from the panhandle to the gulf coast.
Oftentimes, It is in these times of natural disaster and struggles that people come together to shine and show what they are made of. Our Team at Quest is no exception.

Once the roads were passable, our team scrambled to get local and state-wide businesses the dumpsters and open-top containers they needed to start the long process of cleaning up and repairing all of the buildings and businesses that were affected. The Quest team was able to mobilize and get dumpsters and portable toilets to multiple food retailers, hospitals, hotels, and other businesses across Texas, at a time when other companies were still trying to get up and running again.

At Quest, we want these examples to not only serve as an example of an opportunity to make a difference in our local communities as a Texas-based company but to serve as an example of how our flexibility and agility in the market ultimately makes us who we are. If we can deliver the hard-to-find equipment in the absolute worst of times, imagine what we can do for your business when there is NOT a natural disaster going on.

Contact us today, and let’s make sure your business’ waste service and recycling programs are disaster-proof.

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