2019 Restaurant Trend # 3: Transparency – Show Off your Progress

Current trends that are driving the restaurant business like localization, being transparent, and participating in socially responsible programs aren’t always as easy to adapt to large-scale operations. Single location restaurants have a huge advantage when it comes to being flexible with their waste reduction, management, and recycling options – but that doesn’t mean that multiple location restaurants can’t keep up with eco-conscious consumers. That’s where Quest comes in.

At Quest, we understand that these trends aren’t just important for making and saving money – they are real ways for big businesses to have a positive impact on the communities they are a part of. We also understand that the same concepts that make single-location restaurants so popular don’t have to be limited to small businesses.

Delivering Insights Shows Customers that You Care
Localization and Social Responsibility are both great concepts on paper, but if you can’t PROVE to your consumers that your restaurant is actually doing the right thing – the social backlash can be even worse than not doing anything at all. “Greenwashing” has become a bad word in any business model and claiming to do something environmentally or socially impactful without follow-through can lead to a negative PR nightmare. Quest’s recycling programs always track the amount of material recycled so you can confidently share your environmental responsibility.
Imagine a nice cardstock tent on each table of your restaurants that features exactly how many meals you’ve donated to a homeless shelter, or how many pounds of waste have been diverted from landfills through recycling programs. Consumers love that kind of stuff, and you’re building in loyalty simply by doing the right thing.

Quest Delivers Data Your Customers Can See – So You Don’t Have To Mess with it
The problem that large-scale restaurant chains run into that small businesses don’t is tracking the data that customers want to see. The more restaurants you have, the harder all that data is to track, compile, and present. With all of the other numbers that a facility manager or store manager is faced with on an everyday basis – keeping up with recycling rates can turn into a serious headache.

At Quest, we not only design the programs that help you reduce waste we track all of that data so that you have PROOF, not a concept, of the waste you’ve kept out of landfills. This data can be the difference when it comes to even the pickiest of consumers. That’s one of the main benefits of working with Quest: service. We don’t only design the waste reduction programs that make you look good to your customers, we manage the programs and track them so that you have the data you need to proudly display your customers that you are running an environmentally sound business .

Even if a company is doing the right things to be socially and environmentally responsible, if the consumers don’t know about it – the company will not see all the benefits of the programs they have put in place. Consumers don’t want to just HEAR that you are doing great things – they want to SEE it.
Contact us today, and let’s see how we can help your restaurant chains stay on track with the trends that are most important to today’s increasingly aware consumers. 

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