2019 Restaurant Trends # 2: Corporate Social Responsibility

No matter the industry, corporate social responsibility is more important to consumers now than it has ever been, which is why it is the 2019 restaurant sustainability trend # 2.  People want to know that companies not only take care of their employees, but also take care of the people in the communities in which they are based. Corporate social responsibility has so many facets and some companies struggle to find ways to be involved with the people around them. The larger the business, the tougher it can be to make a connection to local communities. The restaurant business is no exception. We know that you want to be socially responsible, but how does a large-scale restaurant chain make an impact?

Corporate Social Responsibility & Food Waste

Food waste is an epidemic in the US, and consumers are extremely aware of it. Food waste recycling programs are becoming more and more popular as a means to show social responsibility among restaurants.  Taking steps to reduce food waste is the first and most impactful practice a restaurant can adopt to become more socially responsible. 

Corporate Social Responsibility & Food Donation


Food donation programs are an amazing way for restaurants to be directly impactful to their local communities, and consumers see that. In addition to making sure your food donation program is efficient and handled correctly. Many large restaurant operations are afraid of the liability issues associated with food donation, but Quest understands the laws that protect donators from any liability associated with food donation programs. Doing the right thing shouldn’t open you to the potential for a lawsuit, and as long as food is handled properly, you’ll always be protected.


Additional Benefits of Being Socially Responsible

Food donation programs aren’t only a great way to get involved in your local community, they have tax relief benefits that can save your restaurant money. Quest collects all the data you’ll need to accurately calculate the tax rebates associated with food donation programs.
Whether it is food donation, composting programs, or simply a reduction in food waste – consumers want to know that the companies they are spending their money with are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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