Waste Minimization Solution for Airline Ice

When one of the nation’s largest airlines needed a new solution for recycling ice removed from in-flight beverage services, Quest’s team of waste minimization experts jumped at the chance to create a customized program to meet their needs.

The passenger airline carries an average of 128 pounds of ice on each flight, some of which often remains unused. At most airports across the country, the airline’s catering department has access to a special heating room where ice can be melted and safely discarded onsite. Without access to a heating room to melt the ice at one particular hub, an outside vendor was needed to ensure the safe recycling of the unused ice.

Meeting Client Needs

Quest designed a program to meet the unique challenges faced by providing recycling services at an airport hub. The program needed to be operational 365 days a year and easily manage large quantities of ice and other materials every day.

Additionally, the program required the use of fully certified vendors, 24-hour client support and emergency service requests — services all Quest clients enjoy.

The Quest Solution

Ice Recycling

Through Quest’s program, the airline is now safely recycling an average of 129,500 pounds of ice each week.

Quest developed a comprehensive recycling program for ice, the plastic bags it is carried in and recyclable contaminants from flights for the airline. Quest’s fully licensed vendor collects six onsite totes and transports them to their facility 3 times per day, 365 days a year to manage the volume required. When collected, each tote weighs, on average, between 700 and 1,300 pounds.

Once at the facility, plastic bags and contaminants (food solids and trash) are separated from the ice. Plastic bags are sent for recycling and other solids are sorted and recycled as applicable. Ice is then melted and sent to a wastewater treatment plant for processing.

From ice to I-beams, the waste minimization experts at Quest create comprehensive, customized solutions to reduce waste in the automotive, retail, construction and real estate industries across North America. Complete the form below to begin customizing your recycling program today.


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