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Traditional solvent-based parts washers generate more than 200 million gallons of hazardous waste each year. These sink-on-drum, immersion tank and agitation units collect spent solvent from the washbasin, along with grease and grime, for re-use. This results in a dirty, contaminated solvent that doesn’t clean well, takes longer to use and produces gallons of toxic waste.

Due to the re-use of dirty solvent, these parts washers only provide clean, clear solvent immediately after service, when the new solvent is added. Regularly scheduled services in every 4-6-8 and 12 week intervals are required to provide new solvent for these outdated parts washers.

There is a more cost-effective, time-saving, environmentally friendly solution.

Quest’s innovative recycling parts washer provides clean, clear solvent on-demand day after day. With the complete recovery of cleaning solvents and near total elimination of hazardous solvent waste, recycling parts washers cut costs and liability for businesses.

Quest’s recycling parts washer is a powerful micro-refinery, which can eliminate up to one ton (300 gallons) of hazardous waste per year. Each unit recovers 100% of cleaning solvents and virtually eliminates hazardous solvent waste, thereby eliminating the costs and liabilities associated with handling hazardous waste.

Rather than return dirty solvent directly back to the solvent drum, recycling parts washers clean the solvent, removing oily residue, before returning pure solvent to the reservoir. The oily residue is diverted to a chamber for periodic disposal. Contents of the oily residue chamber can be placed into used oil collection containers per 40 CFR 279.

Virtually maintenance-free, recycling parts washers only require a solvent top off once a year under normal usage conditions, saving valuable service time and fees. In fact, using recycling parts washers can save your business up to $10,000 a year. Cost savings on service, new solvent, and hazardous waste transportation and disposal total thousands of dollars per unit each year.

Wash your parts faster, better, cheaper and greener with a recycling parts washer from Quest.

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