Business Sustainability in 2023, 3 Key Developments and Reasons for Optimism

Business Sustainability Recycling ESG

– Jan. 19, 2023 – Expect to see accelerated progress toward resolving some of the planet’s most vexing challenges and more organizations (like yours) to step up! Fueled by rapidly changing regulatory and reporting standards and investor appetites for ESG performance, more products, services and supply chain practices are being developed with sustainability in mind.…

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Last Miles to Zero Waste: Packaged Food Waste Recycling

This article was featured by You try to be sustainable and not generate food waste. But at times, you can’t avoid the problem of having packaged food go bad before it gets out of your plant or the warehouse—or maybe it’s recalled for a labeling error, and it’s now expired. What to do? I asked…

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Want To Minimize Your Food Waste? There’s A Company For That

Forbes article explains how grocery stores and restaurants minimize food waste

Lizzie Saxe, Forbes Magazine When Ray Hatch became the CEO of Quest, a waste management and sustainability firm, he knew that finding new ways for restaurants and grocery stores reduce their food waste on large scale was a lofty but potentially game-changing goal. Hatch had worked in food distribution for the previous twenty years, and “spent all…

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How to Grow Sustainability in the Food Supply Chain

Food Supply Chain Adopt sustainability practices

Quest’s CEO, Ray Hatch was recently featured on with an article discussing the challenges and opportunities concerning sustainability in the food supply chain Ray Hatch, CEO Quest Resource Management Group From construction to automotive services, businesses are focusing on ways to become more eco-conscious. The food supply chain is no exception. Within the logistics…

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Turning Food Waste Regulations into Opportunities

Food Waste Regulation Can become Opportunities

As cities and states begin pushing harder toward their zero-waste goals, new regulations are being put into effect that will change the way businesses operate. For restaurants and food production, these new food waste regulations are already being put into place across the country and can have staggering impacts on your workflows, production, and profits.…

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Sustainable Restaurant 101: Reducing your Waste Footprint

Sustainable restaurant

Running a sustainable restaurant is no longer just a trendy concept. It’s quickly becoming the focus for how businesses operate because it is what consumers expect. Environmentally-friendly practices are what can set you restaurant operation apart from your competition. The major project in establishing a successful, sustainable restaurant chain is to reduce the overall amount…

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Sustainability for Food Logistics Starts with Packaging

Food Logistics & Food Distribution

Moving into 2019, the food logistics industry is beginning to see further-reaching, sweeping changes. From Volvo’s new Electric truck lines that are being developed for production in 2020 to retailers beginning to test automated delivery vehicles, the food industry is changing as fast as supplier, transporters, and manufacturers can imagine new innovations. Sustainability is always…

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Top Three Restaurant Trends Driving Sustainable Practices

restaurant trend

Part of maintaining a successful restaurant operation requires keeping up with ever-changing trends that are driving the market. Just like in any industry, what is working today may change tomorrow, so staying on top of what consumers want is always a challenge. To complicate things, a lot of the trends that restaurant chains are expected…

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Austin Passes City Ordinance for Food Waste Recycling

In response to the food waste epidemic in the US, Austin, Texas is the first city in the state to pass a local ordinance that prevents restaurants from disposing of food waste in landfills. This landmark ordinance in the capitol city is yet another significant step in reducing food waste state-wide. New Food Waste Landfill…

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