Retail Packaged Food Waste Recycling Programs

Food waste is epidemic. 40% of the food produced in the US is never eaten, most of which is generated by grocery stores, restaurants, and consumers. Packaged food waste is a particularly tricky issue for retailers because it is typically too costly to recycle. Until now….

Quest offers grocery store chains the ability to recycle packaged food waste…everywhere. The next step to food waste reduction is here.


Packaged Food Recycling Across the U.S.

Quest offers grocery stores packaged food recycling solution across the US the ability to cost effectively recycle packaged and non-packaged food waste.  One convenient program to handle it all, from coast-to-coast.


Increased Landfill Diversion

Grocery stores with a food waste recycling program can divert an additional 10%-15% of the waste going to the landfill by implementing Quest’s packaged food waste recycling program.  It is the natural next step to achieving zero food waste.


Packaged Food Waste Recycling Tracking And Reporting

California, just like other states, requires grocery stores to accurately track and report the volume of food waste recycled, and how it is recycled.  Quest’s extended reporting capability does all the tracking for you – and delivers it to your fingertips via Q Link, our custom secured portal.

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