Hazardous Waste

Most construction and demolition site is considered Conditionally Exempt- Small Quantity Generators under 40 CFR 261.5  as most sites generate less than 100 kg of non-acute hazardous waste a month, less than 1kg of acute hazardous waste a month and less than 100 kg of residue or contaminated soil per month.

However, every hazardous waste generated by the construction and demolition site must be transported, treated and tracked in accordance to local, state and federal regulations.

Quest routinely manages the following hazardous waste which are commonly found on construction and demolition sites across the US.

  • Asbestos
  • Mercury waste
  • Lead paint, unused paint
  • Oil, lubricants, oily rags and absorbents
  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Solvent/thinner
  • Fuel
  • Light bulbs
  • Electronic waste

You can rely on Quest to safely transport, dispose and track all hazardous waste generated at your site.

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