Quest’s 2023 in Review: AI’s Role in Business, Clean Energy Solutions & Sustainability Talks

– Dec. 14, 2023 –

Quest Resource Management Group hit several milestones in 2023. We advanced services to our clients by adding deeper expertise in our core verticals and received a U.S. patent for Quest Proganics®. Additionally, Quest generated operational improvements by leveraging AI and IoT as part of our digital transformation, and we continued to build on our sound financial position by growing revenue and reducing debt. 

This year saw many companies teaming up through partnerships, joint ventures, and acquisitions to leverage each other’s strengths to better close the loop and develop more sustainable solutions for the marketplace. Other popular themes included the role of AI, green energy solutions, and using waste as a creative resource.

Click through our thought leadership column roundup below to view the stories that have set the stage for what will undoubtedly be an even more innovative and collaborative 2024!


Ray Hatch - CEO QRMG


A 3-Step Guide to Starting Your Scope 3 Emissions Reporting Journey

As more organizations commit to sustainability and their emissions reduction targets, consider the common challenges that companies face when reporting scope three emissions and review our three-step guide on how you can prepare for your reporting journey.

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Meet Quest’s CEO & President: A Candid Convo About Sustainable Business

Read our Q&A to learn more about what makes Ray Hatch tick and how his eyes are always fixed on what’s in front of him as well as what’s on the horizon for Quest and its clients.

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Solar Panels, Wind Turbines: How Sustainable is “Green Energy”?

Examine the challenges with recycling solar panels and wind turbines as well as the infrastructure and regulations needed to ensure these clean energy solutions stay out of the landfill.

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Actionable Business Insights from Waste-Focused Documentary

The new documentary Matter Out of Place is a multi-part study of how humankind handles its waste around the globe. Review the most influential beats from its exploration to see if they spark ideas for your company’s operations/programs.

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Tool or Toll: What Role Will AI Play in Environmental Efforts?

Rather than drift toward the next exciting, new services and products, evaluate the good, the bad and the ugly truths of AI’s influence on the environment and how we should deploy AI more wisely.

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Waste Expo 2023 Recap: 6 Takeaways to Jumpstart Your Company’s Sustainability Efforts

For ideas to jumpstart or shake up your sustainability efforts, review the below six great learnings from this year’s Waste Expo!

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3 Key Sustainability Findings at SXSW 2023


3 Key Sustainability Findings at SXSW 2023: What Your Company Can Learn & Put Into Action

If you’re an executive curious about what your company could do to be more sustainable or why now is a perfect time to rethink your approach, read the three takeaways below from this year’s SXSW environmental talks and films.

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3 Questions About the Future of Business Waste & Recycling in 2023

Cut through the noise by reviewing three of the most common questions regarding the future of the waste and recycling industry!

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Business Sustainability in 2023: 3 Key Developments & Reasons for Optimism

How should a company like yours think, plan and take action this year? Review the three key sustainability developments below and allow the information to guide those areas — including who you should partner up with to put your operations on the right track.

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