3 Steps to Food Waste Reduction

In a recent study done by Unilever, results showed that 72% of diners care about how food waste is handled. 47% said that they are concerned enough about it that they would be willing to spend more money to eat at a place that actively tries to reduce its food waste production.

We have put together a comprehensive guide to reduce the amount of waste your restaurant produces. This guide not only give you the tools you need to save your restaurant money, it gives you an opportunity to show a concerned group of consumers that your restaurant take food waste reduction as seriously as they do.

measureMeasure your Waste

The first step to reducing food waste is determining exactly how much of it you are creating.  Quest’s easy-to-use guide will show you how to measure the waste your restaurant generates as well as identify the source of the waste. Do you have a purchasing issue, a prep issue? Our guide will show you how to answer these questions and more. 


evaluateEvaluate the Data

Once you know exactly how much food waste your restaurant is throwing away every day and where it is coming from, you can figure out the best way to reduce it.

Pre-consumer and post-consumer waste both affect your bottom line and by paying attention to where your biggest waste streams are, you can make informed decisions on how to correct them.


recycleReduce, Recycle, Re-Use

We will show you step-by-step programs that can help your restaurant reduce the amount of waste it generates, as well as how to re-use and recycle any additional food waste. We get it: you’re always going to have some food waste.

From training to set-up and prepping, the ideas and concepts we have put together are designed significantly reduce the food waste generated in your restaurant, and ensure that any remaining food waste is handled responsibly. 


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