Mobile Fleet Service Challenges: Capacity

The industry of mobile fleet service is growing by leaps and bounds as fleet owners begin to move away from a traditional, fixed-location service program. Let’s face it: without reliance on physical locations and strict service schedules, mobile fleet service just makes sense. It’s easier, faster, and nimbler than a service program that relies on a fixed location. Once fleet managers see the convenience of having their vehicles serviced by mobile service technicians at their locations, as opposed to having to take their vehicles to another location, mobile fleet service is bound to become the industry standard. That being said, with a unique service approach comes unique challenges. One major concern for mobile fleet service providers right off the bat is: capacity.

Capacity Restraints Cost Money

Having a limited collection capacity for used oil and other hazardous waste is a problem that can cost time and money for mobile fleet service providers. With all of the new materials and fluids a technician has to carry, there is the added burden of collecting waste. Everything from used oil and oil filters to used tires competes for space in the back of your mobile service vehicles. Short of sending technicians out in heavy duty trucks with 30-foot trailers, mobile service technicians have to be smart about how they use the limited space they have for new material, as well as the waste they have to collect.
Used fluid collection can be its own special problem. Just like a used oil tank at a service center, when your mobile service vehicle’s used oil tank is full: work stops.  Your technicians are limited on the number of vehicles they can service before having to find a place to empty their used oil tanks. Depending on where they are in relation to the used oil collection point they use, this can have a huge impact on efficiency in a lot of different ways. Not only are they wasting time having to stop what they are doing and dump their used oil, depending on the availability of used oil collection centers – they could be wasting a lot of fuel as well.

The Quest Difference

Quest understands that time and money are the two most important factors in the mobile fleet service industry. The money your business saves by not having the overhead of physical locations shouldn’t be eaten up in wasted time and wasted fuel. That’s why we use our expertise and buying power to put together programs that keep your mobile service vehicles on the road and earning money. By giving you access to a broader selection of collection sites for used oil, used oil filters, used fluids such as antifreeze, used tires, used aerosol cans, and anything else collected during service calls – Quest gives your technicians more options for emptying their used fluid collection tanks in an efficient manner that is compliant with all state and federal regulations. It doesn’t do your business any good to be faster if you’re just going to incur major fines for improperly disposing of hazardous waste. We also have some very innovative solutions for used fluid collection that are groundbreaking in the industry. Contact quest today and let us really take an in-depth look at your mobile fleet service operation, and how we can help you service more vehicles while spending less money.

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