Waste 360: Quest C&D Waste Services

Quest’s new construction site services and C&D waste programs were featured in an article from Waste 360. Below is an excerpt from the original article, the full article can be read on the Waste 360 website.

Quest Resources Trying to Grow its National Footprint

Most recently, Quest set its sights on the construction and demolition industry.

In January, Quest announced its new suite of construction site services handling C&D waste. Its new job site recycling and general requirement services combined with existing LEED project management and certification offerings provide a healthy program at each stage of the construction process.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce, private and public construction spending reached $1.18 billion for the first 11 months of 2016, the highest level since April 2006. The increase in spending on these construction sites, the company said, correlates with an increase in demand for project services, including site waste management.

“We have received numerous requests for services in the construction and demolition marketplace,” Quest CEO Ray Hatch says. “As a solution provider, we saw the need for a more streamlined process for construction project managers juggling multiple vendors to manage a variety of waste streams and other services on each job site. We are confident that our solutions will free up a considerable amount of time for managers on the job site.”

The company says it is well positioned to capture a significant market share due to its national footprint experience, and cloud based service and reporting platform. Its new offerings are designed to enable clients to control cost, access waste disposal alternatives, streamline logistics and increase efficiencies both regionally and nationally.

“We help construction site managers and construction executives make impactful, data-based business decisions,” Hatch says.

The company provides a single source for job site and green building needs, and allows construction managers to focus on their building project goals, while Quest receives incoming requests, schedules and manages services, and provides LEED credit tracking and sustainability reporting.

Quest’s construction offerings include temporary offices, storage containers, toilets and hand washing stations, water tanks and dumpsters. C&D waste and recycling services include solutions for materials such as wood, concrete, roofing, drywall, metal, plastic and blast media recycling as well as hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Read the full article by Waste 360 writer Cheryl McMullen here.

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