Inbound Logistics Magazine: Quest’s Insights on Hazardous Waste Management

Inbound Logistics’ recent feature story, “Hazmat Transportation: Have a Safe Trip,” details the changing rules for transporting hazardous materials. Quest’s Tim Semones says new regulations can help retailers save costs.

“The Hazardous Waste Generator Improvement Rule, proposed in August 2015, will help retailers and others that may occasionally generate very small quantities of hazardous waste, says Tim Semones, chief operating officer with Plano, Texas-based Quest Resource Management Group, which specializes in designing and managing custom, comprehensive waste minimization solutions. At the moment, for instance, a container of charcoal lighter that spills in a grocery store is technically hazardous waste. The grocery store must follow the applicable regulations.

The proposed bill will allow these businesses to streamline the process. For instance, they can send damaged goods to a central point to be collected, segregated, and tracked, as long as the location is managed by the corporation. Currently, each location needs a program in place to manage the waste. ‘The cost savings to the retailer is huge,’ Semones says.

Along with federal regulations, shippers and carriers need to be familiar with the many state regulations regarding hazardous material transportation. For instance, 26 states require transporters of hazardous wastes to obtain special permits or licenses, and 15 states require them to register with the state, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.”

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Quest provides hazardous waste management, including the safe transportation and disposal of a variety of hazardous waste streams, to clients across the nation. The company’s national network of fully certified hazardous waste haulers is thoroughly vetted and routinely audited to verify permits, insurance and safety records, ensuring total compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Quest clients further benefit from an additional layer of environmental protection coverage as the company’s insurance starts where our service provider’s insurance stops. Quest clients also have full visibility to hazardous waste and other service documents, available for view on-demand in a customized online portal.

Contact Quest today for information on hazardous waste management and other service offerings.

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