Used Tire Recycling Programs

Over 200 million used tires are generated in the U.S. every year.

Used tire recycling, which is mandatory in 38 states, permits recovering valuable material, such as rubber and metal. Recycling also prevents tires from being landfilled where they could become a fire hazard and a breading ground for disease carrying insects or rodents. Quest’s comprehensive programs are available from coast to coast, is built to deliver 100% recycling, and is tracked to ensure you complete peace of mind.


Tire Recycling Across the US

Quest manages recycling program for corporations across North America. With coverage in every zip code, Quest’s robust recycling program support your operations’ recycling needs today and tomorrow.


Tire Recycling Experience

For the past 12 years, Quest has helped some of the largest tire manufacturers, transportation companies, and auto repair centers across the U.S. recycle over 200 million used tires safely.

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A Multitude of Recycling Options

Quest offers a myriad of recycling options from Tire Derived Fuel to Rubber Mulch and Rubberized Asphalt. Used tires can also be used for Civil Engineering projects and innovative closed-loop solutions that help you secure LEED credits. Quest’s extensive program options provide a recycling program that matches your needs.


Used Tire Recycling Tracking & Reporting

We track every service, completed at every facility, every day.  From collection to final processing – you can rest assured that the material is recycled according to state and federal regulations and have access to insightful reports to help you further reduce your operation’s waste footprint.

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