Beverage Brands Prioritizing Water Management

Beverage Water Management

Water management has become a top priority in many beverage manufacturers’ sustainability programs. Several leading beverage brands set water conservation and sustainable management goals to reduce water-to-product ratios (amount of water used to produce the beverage product compared to the final volume of the product) and replenish water used to make their beverages—many with a…

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Benefits of Industrial Water Reuse

Water Reuse

Water may not be the resource that comes to mind when you hear the popular phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle”. However, at the industrial level, water, like more tangible resources such as plastic and paper, can be reused. Once water has been used in the manufacturing process, it can be effectively treated to remove all contaminates…

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Why Water Sustainability Matters

water sustainability

Like other natural resources, water should be used responsibly and sustainably. Decreasing supply and increasing demand have stressed global water supplies, making it all the more important for businesses and manufacturers to develop water sustainability programs. Water Supply Though 75 percent of our planet’s surface is covered in water, only one percent of the Earth’s…

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Water Efficiency in Beverage Manufacturing

water efficiency in beverage manufacturing

Water efficiency is important in every aspect of the supply chain in the beverage manufacturing process. Water is used not only as an ingredient in beverages but also used in the cultivation additional ingredients, manufacturing processes, packaging, and transportation—all of which contribute to the total water footprint of the end product. In most cases, beverage…

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