Top Three Restaurant Trends Driving Sustainable Practices

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Part of maintaining a successful restaurant operation requires keeping up with ever-changing trends that are driving the market. Just like in any industry, what is working today may change tomorrow, so staying on top of what consumers want is always a challenge. To complicate things, a lot of the trends that restaurant chains are expected…

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2019 Restaurant Trend # 3: Transparency – Show Off your Progress

restaurant sustainability trend

Current trends that are driving the restaurant business like localization, being transparent, and participating in socially responsible programs aren’t always as easy to adapt to large-scale operations. Single location restaurants have a huge advantage when it comes to being flexible with their waste reduction, management, and recycling options – but that doesn’t mean that multiple…

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2019 Restaurant Trends # 2: Corporate Social Responsibility

corporate social responsibility, restaurant trend

No matter the industry, corporate social responsibility is more important to consumers now than it has ever been, which is why it is the 2019 restaurant sustainability trend # 2.  People want to know that companies not only take care of their employees, but also take care of the people in the communities in which…

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2019 Restaurant Trend # 1: Farm to table Restaurants

farm to table restaurants

The “farm-to-table” concept in the restaurant business isn’t new, but it’s gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. It is the 2019 # 1 sustainable restaurant trend. Consumers like knowing that their food is fresh and free of pesticides, hormones, and additives. For a one-location restaurant, this is an easy enough concept to follow because their…

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