Quest’s 2023 in Review: AI’s Role in Business, Clean Energy Solutions & Sustainability Talks

Quest's 2023 in Review

– Dec. 14, 2023 – Quest Resource Management Group hit several milestones in 2023. We advanced services to our clients by adding deeper expertise in our core verticals and received a U.S. patent for Quest Proganics®. Additionally, Quest generated operational improvements by leveraging AI and IoT as part of our digital transformation, and we continued…

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A 3-Step Guide to Starting Your Scope 3 Emissions Reporting Journey

Understanding Your Scope 3 Emissions

– Nov. 16, 2023 – A key topic for many businesses is accurately measuring and reporting scope 3 emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, that very topic could often represent around 90% of a company’s total carbon output and 75% of a company’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As more organizations commit to sustainability and…

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Solar Panels, Wind Turbines: How Sustainable is “Green Energy?”

– Sept. 21, 2023 – Solar energy and wind power are key sustainable alternatives to burning fossil fuels and mitigating climate change. While these greener energies have already helped the environment, their entire life cycles haven’t been considered. Soon, solar panels and wind turbines will produce tons of waste when they reach the end of…

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A Year in Review: ESG, Sustainable Strategies and Getting Recession Ready

  – December 14, 2022 –   Compared to New Year’s Resolutions, there’s a certain practicality that comes with “past-year reviews.” They can be more informal, valuable and actionable – which is why we’re looking into the rearview.   Over the past year, we’ve checked different industries’ pulses and dug into hot topics such as…

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Recession Ready? How Sustainability Strategies/Data Could Prepare Your Business to Survive, Accelerate Out of Economic Downturns

Business Robust Sustainability Strategies

– September 22, 2022 –   Note: The following content is based on an upcoming piece Quest Resource Management Group wrote for Fleet Equipment Magazine about sustainable efforts for fleet operators ahead of a looming recession. Our original guide has been repurposed and adapted for your business.   When it comes to recession, here’s what’s…

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Setting Small Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions Can Have a Big Impact

QuestRMG New Year's Resolution Impact 2022

– January 20, 2022 – Setting a sustainable New Year’s resolution can be a great way to change your business positively. However, establishing a resolution and sticking to it doesn’t exactly have a hand-in-glove relationship. According to a recent study by Scranton University, only 19% of people complete their resolutions. Reasons for that are because…

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Quest Celebrates 65th LEED® Certification

LEED certification celebration

No one gets more excited about energy efficiency and environmentally friendly building practices than the Quest Resource Management Group (Quest) LEED team. Dedicated to providing sustainability solutions for commercial property management companies, the team had cause for celebration this month as it completed Quest’s 65th LEED certification. Quest — a subsidiary of Quest Resource Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: QRHC) —…

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Customized Sustainability Solutions

customized sustainability

Finding the right company to manage your sustainability practices can be daunting. Most companies only provide a handful of specialized services, regardless of the needs of the individual client. This could leave you with multiple contracts with several different companies who, regardless of their marketed specialties, may not offer the specific service you need. Quest…

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5 Brands Big On Saving Water

Big Brands Water Conservation

It probably comes as no surprise that water conservation is big in the beverage industry, but what’s more shocking is that it wasn’t always. Management of water resources is still an issue that global companies wrestle with. The good news is that some big brands are stepping up admirably when it comes to sustainable business.…

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