Food and Beverage Manufacturing Packaged Food Waste Recycling Programs

Food waste is epidemic. Packaged food waste is a particularly tricky issue for manufacturers because it is typically too costly to recycle. Until now…

Quest offers food and beverage manufacturers the ability to recycle packaged food waste…everywhere. The next step to food waste reduction is here.


Recycle Packaged Food Across the U.S.

Quest offers Food and Beverage Manufacturers across the US the ability to cost effectively recycle packaged food, recalls, excess inventory as well as  non-packaged food waste.  One convenient program to handle it all, readily available for all plants, warehouses and distribution centers, from coast-to-coast.


Recycle Packaged Food Increases Landfill Diversion

Implemeting Quest’s comprehensive program allows the food and beverage manufacturers across North America the ability to cost-effectively recycle excess invenotry, recalls and deploy a full good destruction solution across all plants and warehouses. The turnkey program allows you to safely divert millions of pounds of food and process it into nutrient rich compost. Quest solution covers food packaged in cardboard, plastic, aluminum and even glass to be safely separated and recycled for beneficial reuse.


Tracking And Reporting

California, just like other states, requires food waste generators to accurately track and report the volume of food waste recycled, and how it is recycled.  Wether you seek to comply to state regulations, or need accurate numbers for your corporate social responsibility report or need a detailed certificate of destruction, Quest’s extended reporting capability does all the tracking for you and provides the information at your fingertips – all via Q Link, our custom secured portal.

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