1. How many locations do you have?
2. Have you ever had to call your waste or recycling companies because your tanks, drums or compactors were full?
3. When you contact your waste or recycling companies, how long does it take for the issue to be resolved, on average?
4. How many waste and recycling companies do you work with to handle the following services across all your service centers:

• Used motor oil, antifreeze, used filters, oil water separators
• Drummed hazardous waste
• arts washers and paint gun cleaners
• Used tires
• ardboard, plastics, pallets
• Metal
• Trash
5. Are your waste and recycling invoices clear, and easy to understand?
6. Have you ever noticed significant decrease in rebates or increase in charges, from your recycling and waste companies, that you were not expecting?
7. Are your waste and recycling programs frequency automatically adapted based on how busy your service department operations is?
8. Are you getting cost reduction recommendations a couple times a year from your waste and recycling companies?
9. Are your waste and recycling companies keeping you informed of upcoming regulatory changes and helping train your associates to help you stay in compliance?
10. Are your waste and recycling companies providing you frequent, in-depth reports that show how much waste you’ve recycled?
11. Are you getting the tools and data to share with your customers showing that the dealership is a good steward of the environment?

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