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Ever increasing environmental compliance and the need to satisfy market demand for more sustainable operations have food distributors eagerly searching for better waste solutions. NO WORRIES, THE SEARCH IS OVER!

Quest Proganics is specially tailored for large-volume food distributors looking to improve the recycling of their organics and ancillary materials while enhancing their operational efficiencies; ultimately improving your bottom line and helping you reach your business and sustainability goals.


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Quest Proganics Distributors Program


  • Single container for all organic waste and packaging
  • Comprehensive reporting of waste activity through your online portal
  • Eliminates or significantly reduces numerous sanitation, health and safety concerns of traditional organics recycling programs, including:

Deterioration of physical assets
Size of footprint at facilities

  • Nominal Training
  • Patent-pending process that we custom build for your operations



  • 95%+ organic landfill diversion
  • Optimized waste service cost
  • Widely reduced landfill volumes
  • Improved, more efficient operations and enhanced asset utilization
  • Improved sanitation, health and safety

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Diversion of 95% or more from Landfill

Reduction in Solid Waste Spend

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Total Cost Management

Impacts Bottom Line Performance

Business and Sustainability insights from Reporting Portal

Achieve Food Waste Reduction Goals

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Improve Sustainability Initiatives

Risk Minimization and Compliance

Safer, Healthier Work Environment

Ability to Offer a Valuable New Service to Your Customers*

*As a logistics service provider you are uniquely positioned to consider also offering the Quest Proganics Program to your customer base, effectively building a valuable new service, competitive differentiator, new revenue stream, and deeper, longer lasting relationships with your customers. We can help you decide if this additional customer program is right for you.

We provide easy-to-use, turnkey packaged food and food waste recycling solutions that deliver a strong environmental and financial return. Some of the largest chains of grocery stores, food service, and global food & beverage manufacturers trust Quest to recycle their packaged food.

We want to help you too.

Quest Proganics Food Waste Recycling Learn More

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