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Zero Waste Solutions

Quest relentlessly minimizes the waste your manufacturing operations generate by deploying and managing cost beneficial programs that reduce your waste, water and energy footprints. Our full-service programs provide one contact to manage all your environmental needs including energy modeling, water treatment and reuse, sustainable full goods destruction as well as landfill diversion efforts.



A large equipment manufacturer with over 50 manufacturing plants and distribution centers across the US launched an aggressive zero waste program a few years ago.  The facilities successfully reached their initial waste reduction milestones, however the customer needed help containing the cost of the waste minimization effort, gaining better visibility to the individual programs in place, ensuring all service providers were qualified as well as reducing the time required to track all metrics.



Quest centralized all waste management programs under its umbrella and offered a single point of contact for all waste and recycling solutions, allowing the average plant to switch from 5-10 vendors down to only working with Quest.

Quest dedicated account management team monitored all services 24/7/365, dispatching services within 25 minutes of receiving a request and ensuring that 99% of the services were completed within the desired timeframe.

Quest implemented a series of in-depth waste audits, identified gaps in the plants’ zero waste programs and developed alternative solutions to reduce costs and to increase the plants’ landfill diversion rates.

Quest created a standardized process to review all companies handling the plants’ waste streams.  Quest handled the waste management vendors verification process and created an online platform for each plant’ EH&S manager to easily review and approve the completed audits.

Each plant manually tracked the material recycled differently, which created inefficiencies both at the plant and at the corporate levels.    Quest tracked hundreds of data points per plant per month, created custom reports for each plant to provide the desired level of granularity while deployed homogenous grouping across all facilities along with easy to use online dashboards for the regional and corporate executives who needed to accurately monitor the company’s zero waste program’s KPI every month.



Quest’s zero waste solution allowed the customer to dramatically streamline its waste minimization practices.  In addition to securing double digit percentage savings, Quest helped the plants accelerate their journey to zero waste by recycling complex waste streams that were previously landfilled.

Quest standardized the new vendor approval process, helped minimize risk by ensuring any company handling a plant’s waste is properly vetted and approved as well as saved the company over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Each EH&S plant manager automatically received detailed, custom reports every month, that tracked every waste and recycling service, saving them the equivalent of one to two days’ worth of work every month. In addition, the regional program directors and corporate executives were now able to easily monitored the progress of the company’s zero waste program across 50+ facilities.

We Deliver Manufacturing Recycling Services

  • Customized waste minimization solution
  • Coverage in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Dedicated account management team available 24/7/365
  • Subcontractor sourcing, auditing and ongoing service monitoring
  • Environmental protection
  • Risk minimization
  • Competitive rates
  • Invoice verification and consolidation
  • Customized online reporting
  • Full visibility to your programs’ sustainability data
  • LEED© certification

Manufacturing Services Include

We offer an array of services that will take care of your waste minimization, energy and water needs

  • Hazrdous Waste
  • Metal
  • Electronic Waste
  • Universal Waste
  • Paper, Plastics, Cardboard
  • Mixed Paper
  • Pallets
  • Oily Water
  • Parts & Paint Gun Cleaners
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Sale or Rental of Compacting Equipment
  • Construction and Debris
  • Open Top Containers
  • LEED Certification
  • LEED Re-Certification
  • Energy Audits
  • Renewable Energy Credits
  • Waste Water
  • Onsite Water Minimization

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