Food Waste Recycling 101

Quest Ultimate Guide to Food Waste Recycling

When it comes to reducing and recycling food waste, quest has you covered. From all the reasons to WHY you should recycle food waste –  to handy, easy to use guides to help you put knowledge into action. Customers and investors alike love seeing food waste reduction plans in place, and so will your bottom line.


Why to Recycle Food Waste

Here are 4 reasons why reducing and recycling food waste should be one of your restaurant’s top priorities.

Top 3 Restaurant Challenges for 2019: Solved

Quest helps large restaurant chains address the top 3 challenges for 2019, allowing them to have a positive impact on their communities

2019 Restaurant Trend #1: Localization

Quest delivers recycling solutions that allow large restaurant chains to be a part of the local economy in more ways than one.

2019 Restaurant Trend # 2: Social Responsibility

Quest offers solutions to restaurant chains that get them involved in the local community in a positive way.

2019 Restaurant Trend # 3: Transparency

At Quest, we collect, sort, and share the data from your food waste recycling programs that you can show your customers progress.


How to Recycle Food Waste

Now that you know why you should reduce and recycle food waste, here are some easy-to-use tools to help you get started.

How Much Waste do you ACTUALLY Produce?

When calculating waste to achieve a zero-waste standard, it is important to consider all of your individual waste streams.

Food Waste Reduction Guide

Download and use this simple guide to help your restaurant address and reduce your overall food waste.

Quest DIY: Restaurant Waste Audit Form

Download and use this simple form to audit all of your current waste streams to ensure that your restaurant has an accurate waste baseline.

Quest DIY Food Waste Audit Log


Use this simple for when you perform a waste audit to collect accurate data on the food waste your restaurant produces.

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