Coronavirus Decontamination Service

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Quest’s Coronavirus decontamination service is safe and thorough. We follow the CDC, OSHA, HAZWOPER and EPA strict cleaning guidelines, helping businesses across the US provide a COVID-19 free working environment.

From rapid nationwide mobilization of certified, and experienced technicians in full PPE, to effective decontamination using CDC, EPA and OSHA approved cleaning protocols and safe management of hazardous or infectious wastes, Quest’s turnkey COVID-19 disinfection solution helps you keep your employees and customers safe and your business up and running.


100% CDC, OSHA, EPA & RCRA Compliance

Quest’s coronavirus decontamination protocols follow the Center for Diseases Control (CDC ) disinfection guidelines, using a variety of industrial-strength disinfectants from EPA list N at the recommended concentrations.

Quest’s network of Biohazard remediation workers is also OSHA Disaster Site Worker,  HAZWOPER 40 certified, decontamination, and proper personal protective equipment (PPE) trained.

All waste generated is collected, labeled, transported and processed per all applicable waste standards.


Nationwide, Rapid Response

Facilities with suspected or confirmed Coronavirus COVID-19 cases must be thoroughly decontaminated before re-opening. Quest’s nationwide rapid and emergency response solution mobilizes trained professionals within hours and accommodates cleaning schedules to help minimize business interruption, including evenings and weekends.


Customized Solution

Quest’s COVID-19 disinfection protocol is calibrated for your operations’ unique needs. While large surfaces and hard to reach areas are best suited for industrial-strength ULV fogging machines and targeted handheld spraying units - smaller, high-touch and high traffic areas such as office spaces, commercial kitchens, and transportation vehicles will require pre-cleaning, fogging and hand wiping of all surfaces with CDC approved cleaning agents to effectively kill the viral pathogens and sanitize your operation.

Whether you seek ongoing, scheduled disinfection services that help prevent contamination or need emergency service to remedy a compromised commercial operation, Quest’s Coronavirus decontamination service keeps your business running at full speed.

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Turnkey Solution with Extensive Support

From solution design, service scheduling, team mobilizing, and decontamination service with EPA registered disinfectants monitoring, to waste processing and paperwork handling - you can rely on Quest to help you get back in business, safely and quickly with minimal disruptions.

 Quest’s Coronavirus Decontamination Service helps curb the spread of COVID-19 infection, safely and efficiently. Our team of biological disinfecting experts helps transportation companies, auto repair centers, grocery stores, heavy machinery manufacturing, and food manufacturing companies provide a safe environment for their employees and customers across the U.S. 

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