Quest’s First Acquisition Means BIG Things for 2021

– Jan 28, 2021 –

Back in October 2020, Quest announced that it had acquired Green Remedies Waste and Recycling Inc. based in Elon, North Carolina. This marks Quest’s first major acquisition and establishes a significant foothold for Quest in the multi-family housing market.

From the beginning, this was an acquisition that just made sense. Green Remedies is an established, well-run, successful business that has made huge strides over the past few years. The Green Remedies business model is based on offering great service, and strong risk mitigation. Just like Quest, Green Remedies has always focused on rigorous reviews, service streamlining, right-sizing, renegotiating and regulating the waste management and recycling services for their clients. Because of this, the transition for their clients to the Quest platform has been completely seamless.

Alan Allred, Green Remedies’ President and CEO, said, “Taking care of our customers is our priority and has been the key to our success. Quest’s strong reputation for providing exceptional service was an important consideration in our decision to join forces. By joining Quest, our customers gain access to our combined larger national, regional, and local vendor network and broader scope of services with superb customer support capabilities. I am excited to continue to serve our customers’ needs as part of the Quest management team.”

Quest President and CEO, Ray Hatch, said, “Green Remedies will add incremental volume to our existing market verticals and will establish a significant beachhead in the multi-family housing market. Like Quest, they provide waste and recycling services on an ‘asset-light’ basis. They have built very strong customer loyalty and have an impressively strong market presence with national and regional companies headquartered in the Southeastern United States. We expect to integrate their vendor network, add their customers to our client management and finance systems, and bring additional value for our entire base of combined customers. We look forward to working with Green Remedies’ very successful and entrepreneurial team as we integrate their organization into Quest.”

Although Quest has experience in the property management industry, the Green Remedies acquisition means big things for our efforts moving forward. The acquisition firmly positions Quest as a leading provider in the multi-family property management waste services and recycling market. We are beyond excited to be bringing one of the best waste service providers in the business under the Quest brand name. With 2020 behind us, 2021 is already looking brighter than ever.

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