We Were BUILT for This: Making Your Business “2021-Ready” with Quest

– January 12, 2021 –

2020 was a year of challenges that hit every industry differently and from every angle imaginable. From the COVID-19 pandemic to political upheaval, businesses have had to constantly dodge curveballs as fast as they’ve come at them. Just keeping the doors open became a real goal in 2020. At Quest, we understand these challenges better than most, for the simple reason that our service programs are built with agility in mind.

Agility = Success

Agility is defined as “the ability to move or act quickly and easily”. In the world of waste services and recycling, agility is defined by the ability to deal with changes in the market and the needs of our customers without the constraints of being tied to equipment or facilities. We don’t have a fleet of trucks and other assets that cost us money when they aren’t being utilized. We don’t have a vested interest in making sure that our landfills are being filled or specific recycling technologies are being deployed. Everything we do is for the benefit of your business.

What we DO have is a network of over 3,500 vetted and qualified vendors that we can bring to bear on any problem that a year like 2021 can throw at you. As your needs change, so does our approach. A word we like to use is “nimble.” Our solutions are designed from the ground up to ensure that your business always gets the service it needs. On time, every time, at a price point that makes sense.

The Quest Methodology: Built for Change from Day One

There are no cookie-cutter solutions here – everything we do is tailored to your operation from start to finish. It starts with our initial assessment of your waste and recycling needs and continues as we constantly look for ways to right-size and improve your services. That mindset to keep searching for ways to improve your services is what makes us so good at dealing with shifts in the market.

By regularly finding ways of combining service providers or adjusting scheduled pick-ups, Quest always has your operational efficiency at the forefront of everything we do. On our end, we focus on data collection, analysis, and the application of years of experience to make sure that efficiency is always the priority. As a rule, the more efficient your operations are – the less you waste. The less you waste – the less you spend. On your end, you see the benefit of not having to constantly adjust your waste services to fit your current needs – we’re already doing it for you. Better yet, we’re doing it 24/7/365.

As we move forward into 2021, we can all expect to see more changes and challenges. The COVID-19 climate is constantly changing. A new Administration in public office means new regulations and compliances to be met. There are a lot of mitigation factors that are all up in the air right now, but at Quest – we are ready for anything that 2021 can throw our way. Contact us today to get your business 2021-ready.

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