5 Things to Expect from Your Environmental Services Company

Choosing vendors is a critical aspect of any business as they perform essential support functions. You can have the best technicians and equipment, but the companies that provide the environmental services that keep your business running can bring all of that to a halt. You wouldn’t put cheap fuel into a race car, so why would you depend on sub-par vendors for your shops? Below is a list of things you need to consider when selecting your waste and recycling vendors:

1. Reliability

You need to select a vendor that has a proven history of service. Just like a credit score, vendors need to prove to you that they can do what they say, when they say they are going to do it. This doesn’t just include the ability to provide services on time, it includes having the ability to do the job right.  A service provider needs to show a history of compliance, environmental protection, and expertise. Nothing builds reliability like experience.

At Quest, we maintain a 99% on-time service rating. We have honed our procedures and dialed in our processes to make sure that your environmental services are done on time, every time. That gives your shop manager the peace of mind to know that there won’t be any service interruptions, and gives them the ability to focus on what they do best. Also, we have been providing top-notch waste and recycling services for tens of thousands of customer locations from coast to coast for nearly 15 years.

2. One Stop Shop

The more vendors you use, the more exposed you are to over-spending. Multiple vendors for multiple locations for multiple services becomes a logistical nightmare. It’s hard to figure out where your weak spots are when you have to sift through mountains of invoices every month to figure out where you are overspending, and where services need to be adjusted.

At Quest, we handle everything. From trash, cardboard, and recycling to oil, antifreeze, filters, Hazardous wastes, electronic waste, tires, construction & renovation wastes waste, and specialized recycling programs.

3. Great Prices

Pricing, especially on environmental services like used oil recycling, can get confusing fast. The oil market is constantly fluctuating, and if your vendors aren’t sharing their pricing – there is no way of knowing if you’re overspending. Many vendors don’t share that information because the value of your rebates are always changing. This same pricing model should apply to ALL of your services. Pricing shouldn’t include surprises.

At Quest, we believe in completely transparent pricing. We want you to know exactly what you’re paying for, and exactly how much money you’re saving. Our pricing for used oil recycling is based on an industry-leading pricing index, and we will always update you when those prices change.

4. Amazing Customer Support

You need to select a vendor that has an established customer support network that is available when you need them. A service provider is only as good as their ability to solve problem, and if you have to jump through hoops to get ahold of anyone, that does your business absolutely no good. The more locations you have, the more important that customer support element becomes.

At Quest, our customer support team is available 24/7/365. We work every day to keeping your shops running at full speed, and when you work with us – you have a dedicated account support team. That’s one point of contact for all of your locations, for all of your services. We know your business inside and out, and often times have already solved an issue before you even know it existed. It doesn’t get easier than that.

5. Visibility

A service provider always needs to be able to answer questions like “how much are we recycling? or “what are we paying for?” A vendor not only needs to be able to provide this information to you, they need to have a system established that allows you to find the answers yourself.

At Quest, we have a custom Portal for each of our customers that allows you to have the answers you need about your services at your fingertips – when YOU need them. All of your e-manifests, waste profiles, and service orders are online and accessible anytime. Our portal also gives you the ability to run custom reports to track KPI’s that make your business profitable. Having the ability to have custom, granular reporting not only keeps your operations running efficiently, but gives you the ability to spot weak-points before they become an issue.

Choosing your vendors is critical to a smooth, efficient, and profitable business. As important as the environmental services that keep your location running are, there is no excuse for not working with the best of the best. Contact Quest today and let’s get your shops running at top speed and start saving money from day one.


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