5 Things to Look for to Evaluate Commercial-Grade Disinfection and COVID-19 Decontamination Services

No matter what type of business you operate, essential or not, a confirmed case of coronavirus COVID-19 will bring your operation to a screeching halt. In that scenario, you essentially have two choices: Shut down your business for up to 4 days to let the virus die off, or Get a team of professionals to clean and disinfect your operation, decontaminate and sanitize EVERYTHING in record time, and proudly broadcast how you go above and beyond to keep everyone safe.

Just like with any other services, not all decontamination services are created equally. Shopping around and checking the credentials of any available decontamination vendors is going to be critical for making sure that you get the right company, the right services, and at the right price.


Here are 5 Things to look for to evaluate commercial-grade disinfection and Covid-19 decontamination services  that will save you time, and money:


1. Effective Cleaning by Certified Professionals

You could trust a carpet cleaner to remove lethal pathogens, or you could rely on trusted, experienced, certified, environmental companies with qualified decontamination crew and top-notch service. Make sure the team you select offers:

  • CDC approved and EPA registered disinfectants that kill a variety of bacteria & viruses, including SARS COV-2, H1N1, Staphylococcus aureus, or Escherichia Coli on contact.
  • Food Supply Chain approved disinfectants
  • HAZHOPER, OSHA approved cleaning procedures & Personal Protective Equipment
  • Rapid mobilization response time within 24 hours, coast to coast
  • Coronavirus decontamination and disinfection starts within minutes of arrival
  • Business can re-open within hours of completion of service


2. Flexible Cleaning that Fits your Needs

The ideal company offers multiple service options to fit your unique needs. Disinfection service options could include for example:

  • Vaporizing dry mist that covers every inch of exposed area and permeates the entire area quickly
  • Hand wiping all high touch, high traffic areas
  • Cleaning and sanitizing or sanitizing only – based on your needs.
  • Decontamination Service should be available at night or weekend to prevent business interruptions
  • Disinfection service should also be scheduled regularly to complement current commercial cleaning procedure


3. Commercial Grade Disinfection and Waste Disposal

All waste (rags, PPE, empty containers…) should be handled per the specific state hazardous waste requirements in which you operate. It does your operation no good to go through the process of decontamination if the waste that is generated isn’t handled properly.


4. Experience with your Operations

Yes, you want the team you choose to be experienced with the decontamination, but you also want a team who understands your operation:

  • When are your regular hours of operations?
  • What grade of disinfectant should be used ( should it be food supply chain safe? Should it be hospital grade)
  • What paperwork is needed?


5. All-Inclusive, Clear Pricing

Make sure all the prices quoted are inclusive of labor, equipment, disinfecting cleaner, time on site, waste disposal services, and any associated paperwork. Don’t settle for nickel and diming and watch for hidden fees. In addition, Make sure that when selecting an ongoing service, you are not charged emergency response pricing for scheduled visits.

Working with a qualified, professional decontamination service is critical to ensuring the safety of your employees and customers and bringing the peace of mind you deserve.

Quest has done the research, vetted the companies, and offers decontamination services that meet ALL of the requirements in this list.

Quest Coronavirus decontamination services with the same 24/7/365 support from our account management team Our customer services team will handle everything: schedule, coordinate, verify, invoice, and prepare all required documentation.

Don’t wait until you face a confirmed COVID-19 case to look for decontamination services. We have the best service, the best prices and are ready to disinfect your operation right now. Keeping you safe and keeping your business open.


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