4 Benefits of Carbon Neutral Fleets

Achieving carbon neutrality is everywhere you look. Between countries announcing carbon neutrality goals in the next decades and some of the world’s largest fleet and logistics companies like Lyft, DHL, as well as global manufacturing and distribution companies such as Ikea, BMW, John Deere, and Daimler Benz are making bold commitments about achieving carbon neutrality – reducing greenhouse gas emissions is becoming an essential part of their operations. According to TheClimateGroup.org, “The transport sector is the fastest-growing contributor to climate change, accounting for 23% of global energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.”

As a fleet manager, why should achieving net-zero emissions be on your radar?

The 4 benefits for logistics companies in achieving carbon neutrality are:

  1. Bigger, Better Contracts

Because of this shift to carbon neutrality, those same companies that are making bold emission reduction goals are going to have to consider the fleets they choose to move their products. Your logistics services will become an essential part of reducing emissions throughout their supply chains. Essentially, your company becomes a part of their goal. To reach those companies that are the most devout in their carbon goals, your fleet must become more energy-efficient and reduce its carbon footprint.


  1. Attract eco-conscious consumers

If your fleet is a consumer-facing operation, having the ability to brag about being carbon neutral can be a huge feather in your marketing cap. Eco-conscious consumers are becoming increasingly numerous as Millennials demand sustainably sourced and produced products. Having the ability to show those consumers that your operation is carbon neutral can go a long way to acquiring and retaining valuable customers.


  1. Meeting your Company Goals

If you operate a fleet, deploying sound carbon reduction programs is even more important than if contract a third party logistics. You become an essential part of the equation. Working on reducing your carbon footprint by implementing key strategies ranging from adopting renewable energy, reducing fossil fuel consumption, increasing fuel efficiency and other proven carbon reduction solutions for the good of the entire company’s goals gives you fleet the opportunity to really shine.


  1. Save Money

In short, Going Green increases net revenue. A big part of achieving carbon neutrality is reducing waste. Whether it is wasted fuel, wasted time, wasted products – it all adds up to carbon emissions in the end. By reducing waste and therefore carbon – you’re automatically saving money. Green and lean go hand in hand.

Achieving carbon neutrality is difficult and requires following this 6 step by step process, but it is a journey that every fleet should consider in order to acquire or retain large accounts, improve financial performance and appeal to investors.

Quest has the services and the programs in place to make sure that your waste is reduced across the board of your fleet operation. From recycling oil and recycling used tires to making sure that all waste streams associated with your fleet are covered, Quest can get you on the road to carbon Neutrality.

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