Used Tires Recycling: One Step on The Path to Sustainability

Used tires are banned from being landfilled in 38 states because they are not biodegradable

One waste stream that fleets will always face is used tires. Between trucks and trailers, one vehicle can produce up to 18 used tires at a time. Some of the largest national fleets generate millions of used tires annually, contributing to the 200 million used tires the US generates each year. Used tires are banned from being landfilled in 38 states because they are not biodegradable, present a fire hazard and provide breeding grounds for disease-carrying insects and rodents. However, recycling used tires offers the ability to recover valuable rubber and metal, or they can be used as a source of energy.

At Quest, we’ve designed an innovative closed-loop solution that safely recycles tires and simultaneously solves another common problem for fleets: repurposing tires into a pavement resurfacing compound. This cost-effective and eco-conscious solution allows large fleet operations to resurface parking lots damaged from weather exposure and heavy use, reducing wear on vehicles and potentially improving water drainage which in many cases can lead to LEED® credits for facilities.

This is just one example of a closed-loop solution available for large fleet operations: turning a waste product into a valuable material that is environmentally beneficial in more ways than one.


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