4 Reasons to Achieve Zero Waste

Achieving a zero waste production process is far from the latest passing trend in manufacturing. Aside from saving companies millions in manufacturing costs, eco-consciousness is now a growing part of standard business practice in almost every industry. Consumers are more aware of what products they spend their money on, and thanks to the advent of social media, consumer awareness is at an all-time high. Manufacturers are making progressive steps toward zero waste initiatives in a variety of industries because aside from saving money, it’s what consumers expect.

At Quest, we believe that zero waste programs shouldn’t have to come at a premium, and they shouldn’t affect your production process in a negative way. Imagine being more efficient financially and in your manufacturing process all in one step. Below is a list of 4 main reasons your company should be perusing a zero-waste manufacturing process:

Financial Stability

Quite simply, when you waste less – you spend less. By evaluating what it is that you waste the most and using less of it, you can in-turn purchase less of it. Saving money by not wasting money of a product that you just end up throwing away keeps more money in your purchasing accounts. If you ever encounter an unexpected increase in production, you don’t have to worry about the increase in purchasing requirements because you’ve already saved money with your normal production rates by not being wasteful.
You’ll also save money on your normal waste removal by wasting less. Makes sense, right? For instance: if you are filling a dumpster every day on a normal production run, you have to have that dumpster emptied daily. By diverting that waste into a recycling program and other actions designed to waste less material, you could now only fill that dumpster every 5 days and cut your waste removal cost.

Reduce Risk

With increased stability comes a reduction in financial risks. As mentioned in the example above, the more money you’re able to save – the more financial cushion you have for any production increases. Another huge benefit of having Quest design your zero waste program is that we are experts in federal, state, and local regulations. Recycling or disposing of certain materials improperly can result in huge fines from agencies like the EPA. At Quest, we believe in recycling as much as possible and doing it correctly.

Competitive Strength

Maintaining a zero waste program doesn’t just save your company money – it makes you and your products look better to consumers. By tracking your program, you can actually show consumers that your production processes create less waste and are more environmentally-friendly. Sharing that kind of information with consumers builds customer loyalty. Achieving a zero waste status is also enticing to investors. Increasing your customer appeal is something that investors look for. Anything that set you apart from the competition catches the eyes on investors and consumers alike.

Green Halo

Last, but certainly not least, a zero waste initiative just makes you look good. Consumers are so used to hearing about the negative aspects of manufacturing and products. They are used to hearing about chemical spills and environmental disasters, so it’s a bold change of pace for them to hear about all the good things a company is doing. By showing consumers that you care about the environment, you’re building loyalty and appreciation. Again, it’s not just consumers that appreciate eco-consciousness. Your Investors are going to appreciate the initiative as well.
At Quest, helping manufacturers achieve zero waste is what we do. We know the steps to take, the challenges you’re going to face, and the overall success you can see in your own business. We have the buying power to secure you the best possible prices for the services you’re going to need. We have a top-notch collection of vetted sub-contractors that operate from coast-to-coast across North America. There’s no challenge we can handle. If moving toward a zero waste production cycle is a goal for your company, contact Quest today and let us get you started on the path to happier customers, and zero-waste.

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