Sustainability Data: Insights at Your Fingertips

Data drives business. It helps us find actionable insights that lead to operational developments and financial gains. Sustainability data is no different. When presented properly, recycling program data can help leaders make timely and efficient decisions related to sustainability needs and goals.

Data Visualization and Customization

Full visibility to reporting data is key to any sustainability program. Quest Resource Management Group (Quest) has and continues to provide customized reporting for clients based on their specific programs and operational needs. By integrating a new business intelligence & analytics (BI&A) platform with customizable sustainability data visualization into its client reporting system, Quest now offers clients virtually instantaneous access to their programs’ data in an easy to digest visual format.

Quest’s new BI&A tool puts sustainability and operational insights in the hands of clients with the capability to pivot, slice and filter data down to their desired level at their fingertips. This data can be displayed in pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs and donut charts for ease of communication in presentations and reports. Data viewing options at the line of business, regional and store levels help clients easily navigate data and find key insights for their businesses.

“The ability to drill down to data at the store level is especially beneficial to Quest clients with hundreds or thousands of individual locations across the country,” said Quest CEO Ray Hatch. “This platform gives them the advantage of not only comparing the volume diverted at each store, but the level of contamination and emergency service requests as well. That information is valuable from a sustainability reporting standpoint and from an operational view as well,” he added.

The Right Data at the Right Time

According to a May 2013 survey by Aberdeen Group, data visualization tools provide more timely access to decision-driving information. “In organizations that use visual data discovery, managers are almost 30% more likely to find information in time to support their decisions, compared to managers in organizations that only have managed reporting and/or dashboards,” the study states.

This timely information helps sustainability managers and executives make well-informed decisions about their businesses and sustainability programs based on hard numbers and facts. Additionally, this interactive data platform allows users “play with” and dive deeper into the available data which often leads to the discovery of trends and key insights that would not be visible with other BI&A tools.


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