Quest Develops Organics Recycling Solution

At Quest Resource Management Group (Quest), we pride ourselves in finding innovative solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs and manage their waste streams. When a large grocery retailer needed a more user-friendly organics recycling program, we jumped at the opportunity to find the answer.

Quest designed a customized food waste recycling program for 77 retail outlets throughout Minnesota and Illinois.The retail locations operate under the umbrella of one of the largest grocery wholesalers and retail chains in the United States. The program allows the retailer to recycle all food waste along with the packaging at the store locations. The new program makes it extremely easy for the stores’ associates to recycle, accelerates the program adoption rate and significantly reduces the potential for costly contamination. In addition to recycling the organic material, Quest will also recycle the stores’ cardboard and plastics as well as manage their municipal solid waste.

Furthermore, Quest’s program helps the retailer save a minimum of 17 percent by avoiding a new municipal solid waste tax. The state of Minnesota, which set a goal to recycle and compost 75 percent of solid waste by 2030, implemented new rules targeting recycling at commercial enterprises. Depending on the counties, this year, the state introduced a Solid Waste Management Tax ranging between 17 and 67 percent of the disposal fee sales price on commercial mixed municipal waste. Recyclable materials and organic waste collected separately from other garbage and delivered to a facility where they are recycled are exempt from the Solid Waste Management Tax.

“We anticipate that new recycling programs will be cost-neutral for our Minnesota customers,” said Ray Hatch, Quest’s CEO. “Being able to recycle all materials along with their packaging makes the decision to manage waste in an environmentally responsible manner much more appealing to corporations,” Mr. Hatch added.

For more information on organics recycling or to implement a custom sustainability solution for your business, contact Quest today.

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