Sustainability Solutions

Strategic Planning

Connecting the dots

Many of the world’s leading companies have set out to reduce resource use and greenhouse gas emissions and have seen increased profitability as a result. But maximizing business value from sustainability requires more than setting emission reduction targets and instituting a recycling program — it takes thoughtful strategy, innovative process design, and monetized performance metrics.

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LEED® Project Management

Recognized Sustainability

LEED® is the most recognized sustainability rating system available in the market. Quest has both the experience and results to successfully manage your next LEED project. We have helped our clients achieve LEED certification on over 10M square feet of real estate. Let us manage every aspect of your LEED project from project registration through certification* —allowing you to focus on your full time job.

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LEED® Recertification

Congratulations on achieving LEED® Certification for EB: O+M. We know how challenging, time-consuming and rewarding the process can be. Did you know that the recertification process begins the day after you receive your initial certification? What does this mean? It means that tracking must begin immediately following your initial recertification. Quest will help you navigate through the LEED recertification maze and help you keep the coveted certification.

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Energy Modeling

Without a plan, its just a wish.

Energy modeling forecasts how much energy a building could potentially use based on construction materials and methods, its mechanical systems, its orientation on the site and specific site characteristics, the anticipated occupant requirements and average local climate conditions.

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Carbon Emission Tracking

As easy as flipping a switch

Understand your carbon footprint and cost efficient means to reduce it. Quest’s team of professional will help you track and report both carbon and greenhouse gas emission reduction and help your organization. Those that voluntarily report greenhouse gas emissions experience benefits in cost savings, improved green reputation and investor relations.

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Life Cycle Assessment

The circle of life

Raw materials come from many different sources, and obtaining each one of those materials involves a different series of inputs, outputs and processes, each of which has impacts on the environment. Quest will help you understand your product’s or building’s total environmental impact.

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