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Granite Properties, a renowned real estate investment and property management company with over 20 million square feet across the U.S., sought the help of Quest to reduce operating expenses and create a programs designed to track facility management program effectiveness in order to ensure property managers could spend more time focusing on core tasks.


Quest implemented a GAP analysis and designed a detailed road map to increase diversion rates and maximize savings. Quest then implemented a property-wide landfill diversion program that helped tenants easily recycle their waste streams and renegotiated both the trash and the recycling rates with local haulers on the clients behalf. Finally, Quest tracked the programs’ Key Performance Indicators and delivered customized reports to the client, every month, via its easy to use portal.


Quest helped Granite save 30% the first year and 53% the second year. The recycling programs secured a 55% landfill diversion rate, which helped save over 900 metric tons of CO2.

“We have been so happy to partner with Quest in the creation of the waste / recycling program for our Dallas real estate portfolio. We have been especially impressed with our waste Dashboard where we are able to track costs and diversion rates for the whole portfolio.

Sandra and Skye have been incredibly proactive and always bring new ideas and suggestions to our team. We have a commitment to sustainability at our company but our teams are incredibly busy. Our partnership with Quest has allowed us to work toward our sustainability goals in a very effective, efficient way… by having the experts working on our behalf!”

Jessica L. Warrior
Regional Director of Property Management
Granite Properties

Custom Solutions

Quest’s turnkey solution helps you run a lean, mean, green operation.

Tenants are looking for properties that compliment their sustainable lifestyles, easily providing recycling outlets. As a property owner or manager, you can leverage this trend and implement programs that will not only resonate with your tenants but also significantly reduce your operating costs.

Quest manages integrated sustainability solutions at over 38,000 client locations, including properties like yours across the U.S. and Canada, helping our clients reduce their environmental costs while decreasing their eco-footprints.

Quest provides your team with a convenient single point of contact. While We work with hundreds of recyclers, and waste haulers, to transport and process your facilities’ waste streams into valuable resources, your team is given one phone number and one email to reach customer service any time day or night.

Quest relentlessly minimizes the waste your multi-family properties generate; deploying and managing cost-beneficial programs that minimize your operations waste, water and energy footprints.

Below is a summary of the waste streams we recycle & programs we manage:



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