LEED® Recertification

LEED® Recertification

Congratulations on achieving LEED® Certification for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance. We know how challenging, time-consuming and rewarding the process can be.
Did you know that the LEED® recertification process begins the day after you receive your initial certification? What does this mean? It means that tracking must begin immediately following your initial recertification.
There are milestone dates throughout the 5 years that need to be addressed. Performance tracking must be SOP and continuously tracked, as required by LEED.
Our services include:

  • Tracking prerequisites and credits
  • Clear roadmap and timeline to complete all recertification requirements
  • Handling of all required credit milestones to secure recertification
  • Tracking sustainability successes through your customized Quest Sustainability Portal
  • Monthly sustainability reports
  • Monthly reports on tracking waste, energy and water savings
  • Monthly reports on portfolio’s building to building comparisons as well as benchmarking entire portfolio

Quest Sustainability ensures a smooth and worry-free recertification process. Our flat monthly fee covers the entire process — for pennies per square feet.

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